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  • Fridge Brilliance: When the Queen unearths her magic mirrors, she lists their purposes. Mirrors to travel, mirrors to spy, mirrors to remember, mirrors to forget. Later After it is revealed that she is Virginia's mother, when she is confronted, she doesn't remember Virginia at all, most likely because the Witch promised to make her forget that she drowned her own daughter. She begins seeing flashbacks of the event during the confrontation while surrounded by her mirrors one of which is the mirror to remember.
    • Considering the series loves to play with and subvert Fairy Tale tropes, Virginia being the Queen's daughter makes her Prince Wendell's stepsister. Virginia is an aversion of the Wicked Step Sister trope.
    • In the beginning of the series, Virginia says all she wants is to find a decent man who is interested in food so she can open her own restaurant. Wolf is beyond interested in food.
      • Also, Wolf's interest in food. Ever offered a dog a table scrap? They go nuts for human food.
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    • One explanation for how a magic mirror just happened to be in the basement of the Snow White Memorial Prison: the Evil Queen mentions to fake!Wendell that Snow White's Evil Stepmother had five castles, and a prison guard mentions that the stuff in the basement of the SWMP was there from before it was a prison. It's possible that the SWMP had been one of the Queen's castles, and that it was refurbished into a prison after her banishment, which would explain the mirror's presence: it was there all along.
  • Either Fridge Brilliance or Foreshadowing... but the moment shortly after arriving at the prison when Wendell calls the Queen the most dangerous and evil woman alive and Tony responds with 'sounds like my mother in law.' Seems like a funny throw away comment on first viewing... but is more meaningful when you realize that he's talking about the Queen's mother.
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  • The intended Sequel Hook becomes this, when you realize when the series takes place. The movie closes with Virginia narrating, "almost immediately our lives were interrupted, but that's another story." It sounds like she's talking about another fantasy adventure (which was obviously the original intention). But "Tenth Kingdom" was made in, and takes place in, the year 2000. In New York. With the World Trade Center visible on original cover art. Forgoing the original intent of the writers, Virginia may actually be referring to a major tragic event that struck New York the following year, that interrupted everyone's lives and changed things to come. Although no fanfics written after 2001 have addressed this possibility directly, a few have at least made mention of 9/11, including Virginia and Wolf's reactions to it.

  • Fridge Horror: Near the end of the series, Virginia finally realizes she's in love with Wolf and they make love in the woods. This is revealed in the final scenes to get her pregnant. But before the very end, he pretends to betray her, only revealing himself to be still on her side during a battle that could easily have gotten him killed. What if Wolf had gotten himself killed without ever being able to tell her that he was still on Virginia's side? Then she would be pregnant with the child of the man who betrayed her.
    • Unlikely. Virginia was in a state of shock at the end, so she didn't get it, but eventually they would have realized that Wolf was the one who faked the poison, regardless of whether or not he survived the battle. So either way, he's remembered as a hero. Although in that case she would still be left as a single mother, with a baby who would never know its father (though not left to raise it alone, as she'd have both Tony and Wendell to assist, one way or another).

  • More like Fridge Creepy than outright Fridge Horror. When Virginia reveals to Wolf that her Mother is the Queen he says he knew since the first moment he smelt her. Which probably means they smell similar enough for him to have made the connection. Not creepy until you remember his reaction to Virginia's scent and realize it means he probably finds Christine's scent appealing too. Especially uncomfortable in the scenes where he's fawning over her to make her believe he's still on her side, so he can put a stop to her plans.
  • On first glance the whole thing with Tony and his boss's family seems like a harmless and hilarious interlude before the main plot gets going. But then his boss's wife is added to the equation and Fridge Horror if you consider the implications. Tony is quite openly oogling her and his dialogue makes it quite clear he intends to have sex with her. That's right, Tony... the sweet, lovable comic relief of our trio of protagonists... was quite willing to rape his boss's wife who he had magically roofied into doing everything he said.
    • In Tony's 'defence', at that point he was still on the relative high of the whole experience, so he may have 'calmed down' to realise the moral implications of the situation by the time he was actually about to 'seal the deal'.
  • For all we know, the Murray family is still under the wishing bean's magic that makes them obsessively want to serve Tony... and they have no idea where he is, or how to get there. They are likely to be going literally insane due to this unfulfilled compulsion.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The Dog Prince seems to get the knack of being human very suddenly... to the point where he's even able to convince Cinderella and the others that he is the real Wendell. Especially odd considering how recently before that he was growling, panting and unable to do simple tasks such as use cutlery or dress himself. However it makes perfect sense when you remember that Wendell (in the dog's body) says in the 4th episode that his mind has been becoming more and more doglike. Clearly the dog's mind has been becoming more human.

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