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Fridge / The Simpsons S 9 E 4 Treehouse Of Horror VIII

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  • Fridge Brilliance: Of course Mr. Burns turned into a ghoul. It's pretty much established that he won't die as long as he continues to embrace evil. As a matter of fact, that curse may be the reason ghouls exist in Springfield in the first place.
    • Homer unknowingly setting the seat of his pants on fire when he uses the teleporter to bypass the stairs in the house is an even funnier gag for those who have seen The Fly (1986) and know why this was never an issue for Jeff Goldblum's character...
  • Fridge Horror: Homer proved in the end that he loved the teleporter more than his son, to the point where he was willing to kill Bart for it. In reality, such an action would result in Homer permanently losing his parental rights, and given a lifetime restraining order against his children, who would most likely grow up under Marge's maiden name. His teleporter would also be returned to Professor Frink... who might make millions for selling and patenting it. And as a final insult, Homer is banned from using teleporters if they become mass-produced.

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