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Fridge / The Scarecrow

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  • At first, the children remarking on their dreams when Polly asks for feedback on her makeshift wedding dress seems out of field. But it's meant to set up what's at stake if Grisham is successful in impersonating Feathertop and sending Polly and the orphans straight back to the mill. All their hopes are riding on being able to gain their freedom for good.
  • Grisham's plan to impersonate Feathertop, marry Polly and send her and the children straight back to the mill seems to paint it as pointless. If he wants to marry Polly so badly, why send her back afterwards? But then it clicks: he plans to send them back to the Mill while disguised as Feathertop. Not only would it paint Feathertop as treacherous in Polly's eyes, but it would also break Polly's spirit enough that she would resign herself to marry Grisham. Two birds with one stone.
  • Why is Scarecrow notably better at dancing than Grisham? Well, while both studied under Miss Bee Bee's tutelage, Scarecrow is notably more humble than Grisham and was most likely more receptive to any constructive criticism she could offer.
  • The insanity and stupidity of both Grisham and Cheswick can be explained by their line of work. Chemicals in clothing dye were often toxic in the olden days, and the mill is even shown producing hats just like the Mad Hatter's!