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  • Fridge Brilliance: In Pink Panther 2 a shard of glass with a fingerprint on it is recovered at the crime scene of the theft of the Pink Panther diamond. Clueless, Clouseau takes the shard and discards it much to the dismay of the other detectives. However, the real thief would never have made such a mistake, therefor it had to be a plant, or, more likely, the fingerprint was actually Clouseau's!!! Since he was the one who actually stole the diamond. To keep it safe. If they had identified the print on the glass, Clouseau would have been named the suspect and the police would have found the real Pink Panther in his home!
    • In the 2006 film, I always wondered why Ponton (Jean Reno) even bothers trying to help Clouseau put two and two together on certain things regarding the case, and actually trying to assist Clouseau in helping solve it, when Dreyfuss gave him orders to simply watch over him, and report back what Clouseau does, while Dreyfuss tries to solve the case himself. I realized recently that Ponton probably is just taking the case seriously like he would any other, and his genuinely trying to assist Clouseau is his way of undermining Dreyfuss, whom he knows to be a jerk.
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    • Also, there's the part where Ponton asks Clouseau, regarding their Chinese witness Yu, if he knows how to speak Chinese. Clouseau rants that of course he can speak Chinese. Turns out, he does know how to speak Chinese, but that's not the brilliance. The brilliance comes when you recall how he quotes people saying "Oh let's speak Chinese so Clouseau doesn't know what we're saying". How many times do you suppose he's heard them say that in Chinese before?

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