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  • Fridge Horror : At the wedding, Harley has begun wearing Blonde streaks in her hair. After the wedding, she is entirely blonde.
    • The Joker's rampage through Gotham leading up to Dr. Quinzel's wedding taint everyone involved. Dr. Jeremiah Arkham is forced through a Sadistic Choice to sell the Asylum to save his wife (she dies anyway), Dr. Hugo Strange is inspired to begin his more questionable experiments, and Lyle Bolton is so traumatized that his final interview indicates he is well on his way towards becoming Lock-Up. Nobody escapes unscathed.
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    • In Episode 7, Dr. Quinzel tells the Joker to get his friend to stop putting the videos up on YouTube. In the next episode, he does.
  • Fridge Brilliance
    • Given previous analysis of 4479's scar stories in TDK (search this page for "Joker's dual backstories") that Gambol got an abusive father story because crime syndicates generally respect family, Rachel got a catastrophic marriage story because she was engaged (not technically, but 4479 reads people. WELL.), and Batman probably would've gotten a sadistic cop/vigilante story, we can infer that Pearl is never sending her children to camp EVER AGAIN
    • When 4479 does The Magic Trick, he goes out of his way to claim that what he is doing is completely random, but the fact that he makes a bunch of jokes about 4479, Two-Face, Bob and Joe, and so on Without Looking At The Cards shows that he is just Trolling us, he was in complete control the whole time. Just like every other time he has CLAIMED not to believe in control.
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    • Thomas Elliot's voicemail to Bruce Wayne has Elliot bitching over Bruce bailing on him when they went to see "Mephistopheles" at the opera. Mephistopheles is the play that freaked out Bruce back in Batman Begins and which lead to his parents being murdered.
    • In Series 2 episode 2, Elliot gives Arkham a big speech about how he swore not to harm another human being (having just told Barbara Gordon (Jim Gordon's wife) that he thinks harvesting organs from hospital patients might be a good way to go (they need a heart) Then, Arkham introduces a bound and gagged Selina Kyle, who drugged and kidnapped Elliot in Further Evidence #5, after he told her "I'm gonna cut out your heart."

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