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  • Fridge Horror: Jordan and Lincoln eventually escape their pursuers and live happily ever after... meanwhile Jordan's real-life double had a young daughter that is now an orphan. "Mommy, when are you coming home?"
  • It's also worth noting that Sarah Jordan's condition is described as basically unsaveable even with Jordan Two Delta's organs, the company just wants to fulfill their contractual obligations so they don't get sued. "That's the luxury our clients pay for."
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  • Fridge Brilliance: How did Jordan figure out how sex works on her own? Well, Tom Lincoln did mention he was quite the philanderer, and she was left alone in his house for probably an hour or two at least. Randy old Lincoln may have had some private pictures of himself with his girlfriends, and almost certainly had a computer and internet connection...
  • The clones were all raised in a sealed environment, right? So wouldn't they have rubbish immune systems, meaning that most of them will get seriously sick or die from colds or other 'harmless' diseases in the next few days?
  • Fridge Horror: The amount of people who almost certainly died in this movie, clone or otherwise, is truly staggering. The amount of collateral damage alone is going to break dozens of families.

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