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Fridge Horror

  • For all that Yvonne talked about History Repeats in chapter 5, there was one thing about what she was doing in chapter 6 that she failed to notice. She might officially be a commander, but in practice due to her Rank Up coming from You Are in Command Now, she has only the experience and training of a junior officer. In the Japanese context, one of the times a junior officer went over the head of more senior men to do their own thing at a little place called Mukden, it kicked off a series of events that ultimately ended in disaster for Japan. And this time, too, very nearly ended in disaster. Remember how Imperial Japanese junior officers frequently accused their superiors of being insufficiently gung-ho? That's another parallel Yvonne hopefully unintentionally reenacted here too by calling Shimada a coward for not selling his girls' lives dearly and futilely.

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