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Fridge / The Girl Who Owned a City

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As usual, a teenagers idea of paradise is an adult's worst nightmare. While teens read this thinking of how cool it would be, parents reading it are quite horrified.
  • What happened to the bodies of all the adults? Moving and burying an adult body is a chore even for other adults - it would be darn near impossible for kids, most of whom are under the age of ten. Even the most competent of these children can't possibly know how to dispose of infected corpses safely.
    • During a plague or other extreme-mass-casualty event, you don't even bother trying to bury the bodies; instead, you burn them in mass cremations.
    • In the graphic novel version by Dan Jolley, the disease turned the parents bodies into literal piles of dust. I can only imagine what kind of disease would have the capability to do that.
  • The sheer number of children playing with matches and dangerous items every year even with parental supervision is truly staggering. Now we have all these houses with cabinets full of household cleaners, sharp tools, matches, lighters, etc.
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  • There must be houses with families whose parents "took their children with them" rather than leaving them in a dangerous world to fend for themselves.
  • What happens to the kids when they hit puberty? Did they gain immunity? Is the plague still around? Do they live long enough to procreate? Does the human race die out within half a decade?
    • If that is the case, that opens up a whole 'nother can of Fridge Horror. The only way for the human race to survive is if preteen children begin having children of their own. And even then they need to figure out how to properly take care of those babies, which is difficult for adults who have plenty of experience and patience for life.
  • What happened to babies or toddlers who had no siblings and no one to think to look for them after their parents died?


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