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Fridge Brilliance

  • When Gerard and the other marshals first interview Dr. Nichols, he tells them flat out Kimble is innocent. He would know. He's the one who framed him.

Fridge Horror

  • While the fate of the two Chicago Police Department detectives who initially investigated Helen's murder, Detectives Rosetti and Kelly, is unknown, it stands to reason that once Kimble is proven innocent that their reputations with their peers and the city would be irrevocably damaged due to their completely stubborn, negligent ineptitude in their pursuit of Kimble and indirectly protecting the real killer, Sykes. When you add the fact that Sykes is an ex-cop, it makes it worse because it might seem to the press like the CPD framed Kimble to cover for one of their own. Plus there's the fact that they tried to kill Kimble and the sniper in the helicopter ended up endangering Gerard on the rooftop. One imagines that Rosetti and Kelly may be suspended, if not expelled, from the CPD as a result of their actions.
    • The lawyers and judge who prosecuted, sentenced and straight up vilified Kimble would also undeniably look bad as a result of the truth coming out, their own reputations tarnished by the revelation that they tried to have an innocent man sentenced to death for a crime he didn't commit.
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    • You all say Fridge Horror, I say Laser-Guided Karma.
    • Who's to say that some of the people involved in arresting and railroading Kimble weren't aware that an ex-cop was the real killer and were interested in protecting one of their own? Maybe Sykes called in a few favors with his old buddies at the department.
    • In real life, a cop who is found to have planted evidence, coerced confessions, or perjured themselves in one case, will immediately see a great many of every other case they've been involved in seek appeal or overturn based on their involvement. Some of Rosetti and Kelly's prior convictions would get thrown out — either genuine bad guys going free, or other innocents who had been falsely imprisoned for who knows how long, or both!

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