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Midnight Over Sanctathrax

Fridge Brilliance
  • Midnight Over Sanctaphrax. The reader knows from the beginning that Sanctaphrax must be unchained to let the mother storm through, but it wasn't until years later when I flicked through the book again that I picked up on what the scroll Cowlquape kept reading from was saying. Basically, that when the mother storm first came, it sowed the seeds for life, and when it returns, it reaps what it has sown; ie what the life it created the potential for has achieved. And what is the Edge's greatest achievement at this time? Sanctaphrax! When Cowlquape unchains it, it floats into the sky, and is "reaped" by the storm. The scrolls also foreshadow the world as it is in the Rook trilogy. The scrolls say the world "returned to darkness" last time the storm came, and the world at this time is a far more bleak place than it was in the Quint and Twig books. -Arla Grey
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  • The game of "splinters" brought up in The Immortals mirrors the fate of the sky pirates of the first age; The splinters initially float freely, rising and falling, with each player constantly changing hands and scores. And at the end, they "Scuttle" and all the splinters are brought down, with the players having to rely on what they have. It seems tenuous at first, but then the Professor mentions that it originally used splinters shaved off the grounded pirate ships in the second age. Floating freely before being grounded and scuttled is exactly what happened to those ships to begin with, and considering that their crews were the inventors of the game, you could easily imagine a sky pirate coming up with it based loosely off of their plight.
Fridge Logic
  • So in the Twilight Woods someone who doesn't leave walks around in it forever, but their body still rots. What happens when their body completely rots away? Is the "forever" thing hyperbole and their spirit dies when their body rots? Do they become a ghost? Do insects and microbes eat the walking corpses, or do they mummify? Do they (if they live in the twilight woods) also get the immortality and bad mental health?

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