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Fridge / The Colour of Magic

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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Why the Luggage is frequently separated from Twoflower: Losing your luggage is an integral part of being a tourist.
  • The Wyrmberg is a huge peak that, somehow, stands upside-down. A later novel's description of Lu-Tze's bonsai mountains may explain this, as Discworld mountains evidently have a morphogenic field that's projected downward from the bit of stone at their very tops. If Lu-Tze can harvest those particular bits, and grow them on dishes to create miniature mountains — complete with diminutive glaciers, streams, forests or even vulcanism — then why couldn't one of those tip-of-the-peak bits that was accidentally turned upside-down grow an entire mountain in that orientation?
  • Death's apparently-spiteful killing of a man in the street seems completely out of character... unless, that is, you stop and consider that Death specifically says he isn't there for Rincewind. Presumably, the fish merchant who keels over from a heart attack is the person he had been looking for, and the fact Death snarls while "collecting" him just means he is irritated that his conversation with Rincewind had put him behind schedule to do so, not that he'd murdered someone in a fit of pique.
  • Ninereeds, Twoflower's dragon, is both much humbler and more gracious in temperament than the Ankh-Morpork dragon from Guards! Guards!, and apparently a lot smarter than the Wyrmberg siblings' animalistic-acting mounts. This makes perfect sense, as the A-M dragon was called up in a spirit of vindictiveness and ambition, and Greicha's heirs regard their dragons more as weapons and transport than companions. But Twoflower just plain loves the idea of dragons, and imagined his as awesomely wonderful rather than scary or useful.