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This is a list of examples of Fridge Horror and Fridge Logic in The Caster Chronicles.

Fridge Horror

  • Ethan and Lena, with the help of Aunt Del and Reece, dig up Genevieve's grave in order to retrieve the Book of the Moons.
  • The Casters from the Duchannes family cannot choose whether they turn to the Light or the Dark.
    • The whole "can't choose your alignment" thing really only gets more horrifying as you think about. When you turn sixteen, you either turn Light and get to stay the way you are, or you go Dark and begin to betray and kill your loved ones. You can't fight it. You can't escape it. Every Duchanne child essentially grows up knowing that they could lose their soul, and there is nothing they can do about it.
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  • The Book of the Moons chose which of them would become Light or Dark, and when the second Natural born into the family made her choice, one of the sides would die.

Fridge Logic

  • Apparently, the main reason that Lena and Ethan can't be together is because they can't have sex without it killing Ethan. This stops them from being in a romantic relationship... how, exactly? It's outright stated that because sex would be fatal, they can never get married or have children. What. So sex and children are requirements for marriage now? There are laws stating that you can't get married unless you're going to have sex? And what century are they living in, exactly, that makes it impossible to for Lena to become pregnant with Ethan's child without sexual intercourse being involved? There is no reason that not being able to have sex would stop them from being in love, getting married, and having children. Yes, I understand that for most people, sex is a very important part of an romantic relationship. But the book presents romantic love, marriage, and having children as being completely impossible without sex, which just isn't true.
    • For one thing, they're also teenagers. Secondly, a heavy makeout session nearly kills Ethan, so showing any kind of physical affection could be dangerous.
      • The point is that "not being able to have sex" in no way equates "can never get married or have children".
      • It doesn't. But it certainly puts a huge crimp in the relationship. Sex and marriage may not be as inextricable as the book paints them, but after a few years of yearning for the person you love and desire more than anything in the world ... while living with them right there ... and having to go to bed alone with only your hand for company? Night after night? Major problem. Very few people could do it.
      • The fact is that for most people, not being able to have a *physical* relationship would make a *romantic* one difficult, if not outright impossible. While there are people who feel no need for such interaction, we make up a very small slice of the human population, and it's a little foolish to get up in arms because a work of fiction doesn't consider it an option. You're certainly entitled to your personal headcanon regarding your favorite character's sexuality or lack thereof...just not to get angry if canon or the rest of fandom fails to back you up.
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    • Wow. Clearly there are people who feel very strongly about this. I wasn't making any assumptions about anyone's sexuality, nor was I "get[ting] up in arms" about anything, nor was I indulging in headcanon. If you want to boil my original statement down to its most simplistic form, all I said that was sex was presented as something that is a staunch requirement for a romantic relationship, which is not always true. That is a fact. And that is why I placed the subject under Fridge Logic.
    • To cool everyone's fires, let's just suggest that Lena and Ethan could pursue a relationship like the Pie Maker and Chuck in Pushing Daises - they cannot touch, as it would result in her instant death. However, they continue to have a fulfilling relationship.
    • I feel like the authors could have made the Can't Have Sex, Ever thing and given it a positive outlook as well. You can't have any hardcore make out sessions or anything more than that but if they really truly are in love than it shouldn't matter as much, not as long as you have them with you. Plus there's also the solution Alisha and Curtis from Misfits came up with.
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  • So what, exactly, would happen to a Duchennes child raised in a culture with different values? Would turning Dark mean something different for them, since Dark is supposed to mean evil?


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