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The Godzilla/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic crossover fic:

Fridge Brilliance

  • Why would Monster X, the vanguard of the Xilian military who probably destroyed half a dozen cities in his service, worry about saving the life of a single pony? Wasn't like it was a small act that required no effort either, he had to bolt off in the direction of a scream and then kill most of the Legion soldiers chasing said pony. Until you remember he was only brought in during Godzilla: Final Wars as a final option after Godzilla cleaved through half the invasion force. If he had qualms about directly killing or allowing killing to befall the helpless who couldn't fight back, it would make sense to only use him after the principle invasion was done. By the time he arrived on any planet his masters sent him too, the only thing left would be those who could fight back. Otherwise the Xilians would have issues about their Godzilla Threshold not fighting the helpless.
    • Helps this is the first time we've seen him not under Mind Control.
  • Why is it only Rodan out of the Good Kaiju who feels awkward or even claustrophobic about being indoors? Because he's the only one of the four who'd never been inside in his conscious life. Godzilla Junior was raised in an institute, Anguirus was created thousands of years ago and sealed away inside a containment chamber for safe keeping; and Mothra both lives in a extinct volcano and can fit indoors when in her fairy form. Rodan was sealed away like Anguirus, but was put away when he was a baby and wasn't conscious until he broke out.
  • Why does Monster X have Laser-Guided Amnesia and can't even remember his own name? In the movie he was in it was to keep The Reveal that he was a Ghidorah a secret, but here it's treated as X is the moniker given to him. Seems odd until you remember that in mathematics, X is a title given for an unknown, such as a lost name.
    • Reinforced by the fact the story's version of the Xilian race is more akin to the Showa era version than the Millennium era one. In the former, everything was numbered, even the Xilian's names. So if you have a society that uses numbers for labels, it only makes sense someone from said society would use a numerical placeholder for a lost name.
  • Why are some villains like King Sombra being a monster and others like Monster X Anti Villains? Look at some of their designs and you'll notice it's a case of Good Colors, Evil Colors. Sombra is primarily Red and Black and Evil All Over, X is primarily black and white. Mix black and white together and you get gray.
  • Why change up Spacegodzilla's name to Xenilla? Xenilla is comprised of two words, Xeno and Zilla. The second part is obvious, but Xeno can mean anything from "foreign" to "not of Earth". Such as someone who comes from outer space. Saying Xenilla is actually saying Spacegodzilla with a bit of Greek and a dash of Rule of Cool.
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  • Why did Kaizer Ghidorah and Grand King Ghidorah's battle nearly turn out as a Curb-Stomp Battle in the former's favor? Kings, even grand kings, are still outranked by emperors. note 
  • Assuming we don't get a Downer Ending with the villains winning, this entire story could be seen as a giant case of Hoist by His Own Petard for Bagan, because it is directly or indirectly responsible for nine of the twelve kaiju protagonists even existing in this timeline. Anguirus, Rodan, Raiga, and Irys are Guardian Beasts directly created to fight against Bagan when he returned (the Gyaos were intended to be Guardian Beasts before they went rogue). Mothra Lea is the last of the Mothra and Battra lines, and is that way because Bagan killed a vast majority of them and caused so much damage to Terra's mana that it necessitated Lea being born as a hybrid between the two, due there not being enough mana to create a new Battra. King Caesar was created to counter a rogue First Civilization creation, Dagahra, which wouldn't exist if Bagan didn't launch his attack. Godzilla Junior, Xenilla, and Destroyah might seem untied to Bagan given they all have scientific origins rather than magical, but the modern civilizations on Terra wouldn't exist without Bagan destroying the original civilizations. The only three kaiju whose ties to Bagan are dubious or seemingly nonexistent are Monster X, Gigan, and Megalon; by merit of being aliens.
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  • Given that it's heavily implied that Harmony created both the Elements of Harmony themselves and the alicorn sisters, Celestia and Luna; the latter two's use of them makes a lot of sense. Not only did they come from the same source, but the two being able to use all six elements despite there only being two of them could be explained by the elements being originally made for them to use; or vice versa.
  • Aria Blaze and Monster X definitely have something going on between them by the end of their arc, and are regularly shipped together by the reader base. In this canon, the siren's necklace gems are called their "hearts". So when Aria puts her necklace on X's neck, was she literally handing her heart over to him?
  • The Reveal of Grogar being the nexus of Dark Magic like Harmony and Bagan are for their types makes the fear Harmony has that she'd put Equestria at risk if she kept all her power for herself much more logical...
  • The Futurians believing that King Ghidorah could kill Godzilla no matter how strong he was makes sense when you remember Ghidorah was basically a clone of Grand King Ghidorah. While extremely weaker, their data bases likely would've shown that King Ghidorah was a foe Godzilla was incapable of beating alone.
  • More fanon than canon, but Godzilla Junior being subject to a lot of female attention actually makes a lot of sense when one considers he's a dinosaur. Many types of male theropod dinosaurs, just like many male birds, have more elaborate display features that are considered very attractive. With Godzillasaurs it's highly likely the males have longer and taller dorsal ridges and scutes than the females and Junior's are huge. It's also mentioned that because his mutation was more gradual, his final adult form looks more natural. So essentially by his species' standards, he's a Hunk and it transfers to his transformations. So while he's no Prince Blueblood due to being roughed up by numerous scars and not cleaning himself up much, it thus makes sense his human and pony forms are Tall, Dark, and Handsome.

Fridge Logic

  • If a vast majority of ponies are smaller than the two immortal alicorns and Godzilla Junior is the same size as Luna, thus making him gargantuan by unicorn standards, where did the guards get multiple pairs of hoof-cuffs big enough to fit him? Yah he broke out of them easily both times, but for the guards to have had a pair to fit him in the first place they must have already had them at their disposal before he showed up.
    • Maybe they are for dragons, griffons, or other unruly prisoners or guests.
  • This post about this continuity's mermares and Word of God confirm the sirens are a type of mermare hybrid. Mermares evidently do crossbreed with males of other species via transformation magic to reproduce note , but an overwhelming majority of this breeding is done in what amounts to one-night stands with the now pregnant mermare returning to the sea and shedding her disguise. They do not have romantic affairs with males. If that's true, why did Aria Blaze get the hots for Monster X?
    • The majority, not the norm. The sirens have been away from Equestria for a long time, and evidently did not associate with the mermares even when they were in Equestria according to Adagio and Aria's comments and thoughts. Why would they conform?
  • Why didn't the authorities get involved when Enjin entered the Equestria Girls world? He did murder people in gruesome ways.
    • By the time the cops arrived at the hospital, he would have been long gone.
    • Still, the way those people were killed would have freaked the cops out, just by the gruesome nature of the deaths. At least it should be mentioned.
    • Was an explosion in the ward while he and X were still fighting and others cleared out. Any bodies left behind would have been disfigured from the blast. Along with Enjin probably leaving no traces of itself, probably would have slowed investigating a lot.

Fridge Horror

  • Red from NES Godzilla Creepypasta is most definitely NOT good. He is a sick, murderous, torture loving monstrosity that many readers instantly thought was going to be the Big Bad the second he showed up. But for all his vile habits, he did want life to continue (abet just so he could cause it agony). So this means he represents the Evil side in the Evil Versus Oblivion battle against the true main villain. And he loses... Nice way to show what the Bigger Bad is a grievous threat than a kaiju scaled case of the Worf Effect with Red as Worf.
    Bigger Bad: To unmake a world... the first of many..."
    • Want to show how bad it would be for Monster X to revert into Kaiser Ghidorah? Have the Bigger Bad considering it to be a legitimate threat that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. It's a chain of progression to establish just how dangerous these villains are.
  • It's brought up a few times that the Crystal Ponies are primarily Earth Ponies with a small number being Pegasi; but no Unicorns. Given The story's version of King Sombra as a purely malign monstrocity of a pony, and the fact the populace refuses to speak much about him; it starts to make one wonder what happened to the unicorns...
  • The Reveal that Grogar is the Nexus of Dark Magic, like Bagan and Harmony are for their respective varieties of Magic and taught it to King Sombra, Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, and possibly even Discord has a large amount of horror when you think about how powerful Bagan is compared to his students and it's freaking terrifying to imagine how powerful Grogar is. Fittingly, as Legion's reaction to feeling his power implies they're on a similar tier... This is enhanced for those that saw his G1 self and remember what an utterly unstoppable juggernaut he was for most of it.
  • Remember how the fight between Harmony and Bagan went and the sheer level of power they were throwing around? Now imagine that only with combatants at least twice as strong (as neither was at full power), both being evil, and not in a pocket dimension where the damage is at least contained. That is what will happen if Bagan and Grogar are both restored to their full power and unleashed back into the world, which seems to be exactly what happened in Empress Flurry Heart's Bad Future.
  • Empress Flurry Heart's Bad Future is a depressing scenario on it's own, but then you realize what must of happened for there to be any survivors. Bagan's goal is complete extinction, while Grogar would have likely left survivors for his entertainment. Bagan lost to Grogar. You may all panic now.
  • Given the way it was's very possible in Flurry Heart's timeline, Nightmare Godzilla was never stopped, as his mother telling him to forgive was a major part of that. Given Grand King Ghidorah arrived directly after, Rarity may have had to power him up into his kaiju form regardless just to fend him off. Whether or not Nightmare Godzilla was powerful enough to defeat Grand King Ghidorah on his own, the possible outcomes certainly show good indication of why Flurry Heart decided to Set Right What Once Went Wrong in the way she did...

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