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Fridge Brilliance

  • In the songs "Lord Nafaryus" and "Three Days", the Big Bad makes a big deal about Gabriel's power to astonish crowds with his incredible singing talent, and each song has Lord Nafaryus state that Gabriel will never become King. This becomes ironic later. After Lord Nafaryus's Heel–Face Turn following Faythe's revival, he allows her relationship with Gabriel. Meanwhile, Daryus has lost his hearing due to Gabriel's earlier scream, and would be unable to rule the kingdom. Therefore, one can assume that instead of Daryus becoming the King of the G.N.E.A., Faythe will take the throne, with Gabriel by her side, and Xander will become Prince. This also fulfills the promise Arhys made that his son would not live in misery, as well as a promise of better days for the citizens of the G.N.E.A..

Fridge Horror

  • The NOMAC tracks appear at key points of the story. Their activation at the beginning of the album and them being turned off at the end; they also appear after Lord Nafaryus announces his ultimatum against the Ravenskill Rebel Militia, after Daryus makes his offer to Arhys, and when Daryus kills Arhys. The tracks serve many purposes: They're creepy, they give examples of the "music" produced by them for the G.N.E.A., and their positions on the album not only show that they're always around, but also that they're always watching: Remember how the NOMACS were frequently shown with eyes, staring at the viewer in promotional material for the album? Yeah, that's why. Even worse, this implies that they know what's going on.

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