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Fridge / Super Robot Wars Alpha

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Fridge Brilliance

  • When playing Alpha, players might notice the Grungust Custom belonging to Irmgard Kazahara is really just a Palette Swap of the Grungust Type-2. It seems to be a case of Lazy Artist by the developers, but upon digging deeper into the lore, it makes sense: at that point in the Alpha games, the Grungust Type-2 is the most recent production model of the Grungust line (the Grungust Type-3 wouldn't appear until Alpha 2). There's bound to be a decent amount of spare parts from the Grungust Type-2 for Irmgard to use, such that the resemblance is most likely the fact he upgraded his Grungust into its "Custom" state by using said Type-2 parts.
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  • The Leitmotif for Cobray Gordon and the Dis Astranagant is titled "Gun Of Dis", which abbreviates to "G.O.D." Normally, this could be passed off as a coincidence, but when using the "Infinity Cylinder" attack for the Dis Astranagant, Cobray's activation words are "tetractys grammaton", which stems from tetragrammaton, a term referring to YHWH, the name of God.
  • Why does Euzeth Gozzo act so calmly and rationally, even laughing, at his impending death in Alpha? He knows this isn't the end for him. His death quote even lampshades it: