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Fridge Horror

  • So how will Shope insert her Battleball in a few years after her breasts have grown in?
  • So the Noobs' dependency on the Battle Balls is permanent?
    • Never really stated but one episode caused them to switch battle balls amongst each other
    • That wasn't really the question, but presumably it is, given that there seems to be no way to permanently remove the balls without slowly dying.
  • So the aliens come down and forcibly recruit Child Soldiers because of their own idiocy, mistaking the Noobs for trained soldiers because of their paintball equipment. That's horrible by itself, but every episode involving some involvement from the Benevolent Alliance (By the way, when in Real Life has any country with a name like that ever been good?) acts as though it's their own damn fault whenever they screw up. Alright, so the Battle Balls permanently bond or something and they're making the best out of a bad situation instead of wasting some probably multi-billion Space Cash super weapon. To their credit, during The Noobs Strike Back at least one Councilor is flabbergasted at Mem and Zen's idiocy; however it doesn't stop them from continuing a test against a lethal monster, with failure condemning the noobs to death via starvation. Seriously, that cannot be stressed enough: these supposedly high-ranking officers waste four superweapons on a bunch of kids- superweapons that will starve their hosts if they're ever confiscated, then proceed to put 90% of the pressure on these poor kids. Hot damn this show gets dark really fast.
    • On the plus side they at least make sure to assign the two idiots to train the kids (Knowing that despite Mem and Zen whining, they do care for the kids and will step in to help them in a dire situation.)
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    • Yet again, Mem and Zen are not evil as they honestly made a very ignorant and honest mistake and Mem was nice enough to warn the noobs of keeping their battle balls. They are not at all abusive drill sergeants and allow the Noobs to continue living normal lives such as continuing to go to school, stay with their families, and do their normal hobbies. Mem and Zen might have been recruited at the same age as the noobs when they were rookies. They also train the Noob fairly and allow them to take much needed breaks and treat them to things such as the zoo, ice cream, and the amusemement park.
    • Going off the initial point: you would think these kids would be more upset about getting space Press-Ganged by an incompetent and shady army. Honestly, this show could have easily be one of the darkest things on the network if it was written differently.
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  • Assuming the battle ball dependency is permanent, where are the elderly virus warriors? Has this war simply not been going on for that long, or...

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