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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Before the big reveal of the killing game taking place in a virtual world, Mikado being able to rewrite the rules of the killing game or use his magic make sense when you remember four magic words: A Wizard Did It.
  • If you analyze their names, you'll see why Yoruko and Sora get along so well. Sora means "sky" in Japanese and Yoruko stands for "child of the night". As a hostess who works mainly at night, Yoruko would find comfort in the presence of a beautiful sky.
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  • The reason Teruya has an easier time bonding with Iroha. The painter is a cheerful, carefree girl who is younger than everyone and is prone to panicking during times of crisis. She's just like how Teruya was during his first killing game.
  • In the very first case, Kanade asks if it's possible for there to be accomplices when it comes to murder cases. She was already organizing herself with preparing a murder and needed to know all the facts so that she and Hibiki could escape without any complications.
  • In the first half of the killing game, Syobai was apathetic towards everything around him and barely contributed to actually solving the murder cases; even going as far as to take naps during the trials. He learned early on that the killing game was taking place in a virtual world, therefore he would have no reason to fear for his life if he'll turn out fine in the real world.
    • Although, after Nikei reveals that everyone who died in the killing game is still alive in the real world, Syobai starts to put more work in figuring out the case for Chapter 4. Given Nikei's background as a Void member, Syobai would have suspected him of not telling everyone the exact truth, meaning that dying in the virtual world would not guarantee him a safe passage back to the real world.
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  • The Reveal of Setsuka having an electronic eye would explain why she's so great at billiards. She can record and analyze the techniques of her competitors while also being able to calculate her own moves to bring her closer to victory. And of course she'd have her "Devil's Eye" constantly closed in fear of being outed as a cheater.
  • The reason as to why Nikei was the original leader of Void. As a journalist, it's his job to cover every important piece of information that pertains to a given story. From researching to interviews to theorizing and location pinpointing, Nikei would have the most experience out of the other Void members in leading the search to finding their person of importance.
  • Along with being main characters in SDRA2, Teruya and Syobai both serve as thematic foils to each other.
    • Both of them have talents that pertain to selling goods and making profit. The difference is that Teruya is part of a family business that manage "Otori Marts" all over the world while Syobai works alone and deals in selling illegal and dangerous goods in the criminal underworld.
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    • Appearance-wise. Teruya wears a black suit and has colorful accessories. He also has bright green hair and dark skin. Syobai wears a white suit with tints of black and red. He has gray hair and is light skinned.
    • Teruya is stated to have had a loving relationship with his father and learned everything there was about being a merchant from him. Syobai was separated from his parents at an early age while on vacation and found his calling as a trafficker after surviving on his own for years like a street rat.
    • Both of them have difficulties when it comes to interacting with the overall group. But while Teruya makes more of an effort to befriend his junior classmates, Syobai could care less about them and would prefer to be on his own.
    • Teruya earnestly wants to protect the students from the killing game, but his efforts are futile as they keep getting murdered and he himself isn't as helpful during the trials. Syobai doesn't want to be involved in the group but he proves to be very helpful as he's able to figure out the dynamics of a given murder scenario. He even gets to be the POV protagonist for the first half of the fourth trial.
    • In Chapter 5, they both end up absent during the fifth trial. Teruya ended up as the victim of the chapter while Syobai was able to log out of the virtual world.
  • Each of the murder cases have a theme based on the canon games.
    • The first chapter involved the death of a character who was thought to be of great importance. Yuri had an appearance and personality that greatly mirrored the infamous Nagito Komaeda. Instead, he ended up as the first victim.
    • The second chapter focuses on a killer's past and how bringing it up resulted in murder. Kokoro unintentionally brought up Emma's abuse at the hands of her father; this triggered Emma's C-PTSD and would result in the psychologist's death.
    • The third chapter involves a killer going after two victims. But as a twist, there were actually two killers who went after Setsuka. And Hibiki is a victim of her twin sister's abusive love, especially since she was implied to have been brainwashed into killing Setsuka with Kanade.
    • The fourth chapter involves the Heroic Sacrifice of the 'Big Hearted Muscle' character. In this case, Shinji kills himself with a fiery explosion in order to save both Yuki and Sora from being executed for his impending death.
    • The fifth chapter features a complicated murder scheme along with the execution of a beloved classmate. In an ironic twist, the murder of Teruya is quite simple with only a few twists. And instead of one classmate who faces execution, its all of them sans Mikado.
  • The murders were also tied to the talents of the victims.
    • As stated in his character bio, Yuri didn't take his career as an astronaut seriously and would ride an escalator as "training". Yuri's murder involved him going through a serious physical exercise that involved lifting him up high before being dropped at an accelerated rate.
    • Kokoro was the "brains" of the group and was seen as a threat to the Void members because of her analytical talent. Emma would get rid of her by trapping her in a freezer to die of hypothermia. So you could say, she gave Kokoro a ''brain freeze''.
    • In billiards, the game begins when a player shoots the cue ball into the group of billiard balls which scatters them all over the pool table. After being stabbed to death, Setsuka's body would be torn apart and scattered throughout the amusement park.
    • Shinji is an experienced firefighter whose no stranger to life-threatening danger. He creates his death by tampering with the machinery in the Tower of Babylon in order to create a fiery explosion that's big enough to kill him.
    • The fifth murder is an exception since the murder is related to the killer rather than the victim. Teruya met his demise by eating food that was poisoned. And who was the only student who constantly provided free, delicious food for the cast in exchange for being able to socialize with them on a daily basis? Remember the four words.
  • Each of the killers have a connection with their designated victim.
    • In the first case, Yuri openly stated that he would allow any of the girls to kill him. He unfortunately didn't count on Hajime, one of the manliest guys in the cast, to be the one to take him on that offer.
    • In the second case, Emma tried to get close to the closed off Kokoro in order to be her friend and get her guard down. It comes as a surprise when Kokoro, a professional psychologist, revealed that she knew all along that Emma was a Void member and was faking her friendliness. As a woman who made a career of fooling others with her acting talent, this definitely struck a nerve.
    • In the third case, Setsuka reached out to Hibiki in the hopes of helping her with her issues, like a big sister. This unfortunately does not sit well with Hibiki's real sister who happens to be the cast Yandere and would not approve of being replaced by Setsuka, resulting in a severe case of Sibling Rivalry.
    • In the fourth case, Nikei organizes an elaborate murder scheme that would turn Yuki against his best friend Shinji. What Nikei didn't count on was for Sora to mess up the murder while Shinji killed himself via fiery explosion to save everyone. Nikei's plan relied on turning friends against each other, but it's The Power of Friendship that resulted in the plan backfiring.
    • In the fifth case, Iroha was the closest person that was able to bond with Teruya. Mikado would use her to "kill" him as part of his elaborate murder scheme.
  • The fact that Kanade was the true mastermind behind Setsuka's murder and forced Hibiki to aid her is reflected in the execution: Hibiki is given a quick death via decapitation while Kanade is given a slow death via hanging.
    • Additionally, when you take the mastermind's talent into consideration, it makes sense that the guitarist was the one pulling/plucking the strings of the operation.
  • The forms that the deceased Void members take during the Void Theater segments.
    • Hajime was an accomplished boxer who took pride in being able to take on tough opponents as a way of proving his physical strength. After his death, he becomes a cute and harmless plush toy which actually brings out a softer side of his personality that he shares with his fellow Voids.
    • Along with being physically beautiful, Emma was a brilliant actress who often had to take on different facades in order to keep people from knowing the real her. After her death, she becomes a grotesque pile of flesh. But she's perfectly okay with that since she can now relax and just be herself.
    • When he was alive, Nikei was a great journalist and relied a lot on his right hand to get any job done. After his death, he would be reborn as his left hand showcasing how he lost everything that he valued because of Mikado and is no longer as efficient as he used to be.
  • In a meta-sense, Chapter 5 is always known for being unpredictable and chaotic when it comes to the murders and surprise twists.
    • For a fangame that has had a history in portraying elaborate and gory deaths, it comes as a big surprise that Teruya is killed simply by food poisoning and his body isn't even eviscerated like the other corpses.
    • There's also the fact that for the first time in ANY killing game, both canon or fangame-wise, the killer actually gets away with murder and everyone else is subjected to a mass execution. Suffice to say that no fan could have ever predicted this and that LINUJ definitely outdid himself when it came to Chapter 5's surprise twists.
  • Iroha "murdering" Teruya with poison in Chapter 5; those who murder with poison have a historical reputation for being cowards afraid of execution.
  • In Chapter 5, each of the executions have a theme of Dramatic Irony for the given students.
    • Sora's character arc was about her recovering her memories and her naming herself Sora, which is Japanese for sky, was her first step in forging her identity. Her execution involves her being dragged to the bottom of the ocean, taking her away from the sky and symbolically ruining any progress that was made in recovering her identity.
    • Iroha was a Void member who constantly refused to commit to the murder agenda as it would ultimately result in her death, just like with her colleagues. For her execution, Iroha is grabbed by a robotic hand and is only inches away from having her head bashed/scrapped against a wall. She ended up in a position where she couldn't run away and was forced to accept her incoming death.
      • Also, Iroha is treated as a paint tool; Mikado treated her, and the other Void members, as tools for him to exploit for his agenda.
    • Throughout the story, Yoruko constantly faces prejudices and stereotypes over her career as a hostess when in truth she has more personality and depth then what her appearance suggests. Unfortunately, her execution has her trapped in a drink mixer symbolizing how she can't escape her image as a hostess.
    • Yuki's execution is an exact Call-Back to "After School Detention"; a fitting fate for an Expy of Makoto Naegi whose newly restored hopes are about to be crushed.

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