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Fridge Brilliance

  • Allison rescues Feral...precisely because of all the things that are mentioned in the Awesome, Tearjerker, Nightmare Fuel, and all. It was so unfair...she HAD TO FIX IT.
  • Professor Gurwara is really hard to peg. He breaks Allison apart in class, specifically only hurting her, but then goes to great lengths to help her deal with what's bothering her. Furthermore, he threatens to give someone a 0 for the entire class on the FIRST DAY! It's kinda weird, and seems to be related to her just being the main character... BUT HE IS NOT A REAL TEACHER!
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  • Also concerning Professor Gurwara... when he meets Allison in the park and she shares her concerns about the way she handled the situation with Max and Feral, he starts out just saying that Max sounds like 'kind of a jerk', and then insists that she pay him before he'll start 'philosophizing'.He accepts a token ammount - two pennies - and gets going. However, according to the ancient, Greek philosophers like Socrates and Plato, a true philosopher would NEVER charge coin for his wisdom, for he loves knowledge (hence the name) and therefore seeks to perpetuate it to anyone who will listen, and not just those who can afford to buy it. Those who sought to use their knowledge, education and oratorial skills to enrich themselves or attain personal power were dubbed 'Sophists' - meaning, simple 'people who know stuff'. As a clearly well-educated philosophy-professor, Guwera is undoubtedly aware of this. Does the fact that he deliberately casts himself in the Sophist's role simply mean that he doesn't consider himself 'worthy' of being a true Philosopher - or is it Foreshadowing the fact that he's not a real Professor, and hint that he's acting in a mercenary role, perhaps for a certain shadowy conspiracy?

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