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Fridge Brilliance

  • The Green Goblin taunts Spider-Man by saying that, "In spite of everything you've done for them, eventually they [the public] will hate you". This seems oddly specific. But it makes sense when one realizes that Norman is partially projecting after his own board of directors wanted to oust him from the company which bears his name, in spite of Oscorp turning a profit.

  • The famed upside-down kiss was timed perfectly during both Peter and MJ's stories and plays with the First Kiss trope; Both Peter and MJ have had it exceptionally rough the whole film and prior: Peter lost his uncle and has faced constant abuse as both himself and Spider-Man, MJ's been constantly marginalized, browbeaten and stifled and has been assaulted twice so far, plus her boyfriend treats her like a hot trophy and she's rejected at lots of auditions. Naturally, they were in desperate need of something good in their lives and the kiss came right when they were both at their lowest.

Fridge Horror

  • When Green Goblin lures Spider-Man back into the burning building by pretending to be an old woman screaming for help, the bystanders who pointed it out to him never found out that it was just a trick. If they saw him swing out of the building empty-handed, they may have thought Spidey just left a woman to die...

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