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Fridge Brilliance

  • When entering your character's name, Cartman insists that the player's name is 'Douchebag'. Of course, only a douchebag would want to put himself into an episode of South Park as The Hero.
    • Or maybe the developers didn't want to provide voices for every possible name you'd wish to enter.
      • Some players like to use the name editor to give their characters names that are either unpronounceable, perverted, or silly in some other way. So it's not hard to come across as being pretentious going by such names. With that in mind, even if the New Kid told Cartman that his real name is Dovahkiin, wouldn't be hard for that to give Cartman the impression that New Kid was being arrogant for using a name from a video game even if that wasn't the New Kid's intention, hence Cartman named him Douchebag instead.
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  • "Princess Kenny" seems out of left field and seems to have been done just because it's funny, until you realize that Kenny is a Lovable Sex Maniac and the crossdressing is likely due to his obsession with titties and women in general, which makes even more sense when you consider his I Have Boobs, You Must Obey! move.
  • After defeating the penultimate boss, you unlock ninja stars. At first it seems like just another reward, but those were the weapon that Kenny bought in "Good Times With Weapons." Considering just who the final boss is, they are more than appropriate.
  • Why is Craig the only one who switches sides & joins with Clyde? As the saying goes, there is no honor among thieves.
  • Why the Military is unable to defeat the zombie outbreak and all the insanity that happens in South Park, while the children are able to fight with toy weapons? The children have the Stick of Truth. Whoever controls the Stick, controls the Universe. Since it has been used into a LARP game, only LARP players are able to do a damn thing. The game has become so Serious Business, it's affecting reality itself.
    • In the YMMV page, it has been mentioned that the Big Bad Government Guy really believed that the stick was some sort of magical weapon. But, if you really think about it, even though he isn't a player, he still was able to do something important with it: since BBGG isn't a player and can't play, the temptation of the Stick converts a player to his side - Kenny. And BBGG is in full control even after Kenny zombifies himself.
  • Being a video game adaptation, this is to be considered an Alternate Continuity, right? Not necessarily, since the end of the game gives a very good reason why The New Kid doesn't appear in the actual show.
    • Though considering how the post-main story gameplay shows that the New Kid is still on friendly terms with the kids of South Park, this may not be entirely the case. But since he was not given a canon physical appearance by Trey and Matt, he could easily be any of the background kids that appeared in episodes that take place after the game's release.
  • The New Kid telling the other boys "Screw you guys, I'm going home" at the end of the game makes a lot of sense when you remember they've happily been calling him "Douchebag" for three days instead of his actual name.
    • Though it's possible that he just had a lot on his mind, given he just found out about his past and probably has a lot of questions about it to ask his parents. Considering he's cool to play with them the next day in the post-game, maybe he's fine with being called Douchebag.
  • While it might seem odd (but funny) that Kenny is electing to play as a princess, this is not the first time he expressed some feminine interests. In "Tweek vs. Craig," he was quite happy being in Home Economics which was really all about how to secure a rich husband.
    • Then again, that time was because he's a little pervert who was the only boy in the class...
    • Not to mention pretty heavily implied that he chose Home Ec. over Shop because he was afraid/tired of dying all the time.
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  • That butterfly in Butters skill where turns into Professor Chaos. There is a theory about how a flap of a butterfly's wings can cause a tornado in the distant future. The theory is commonly known as "The Chaos Theory". Guess what Prof. Chaos is about?
  • Tweek is a Barbarian. In 3rd Ed. of Dungeons & Dragons, Barbarians have the highest speed, but not necessarily a high Dexterity to do fine tasks.
  • The New Kid's real name becomes much funnier when considering that when Skyrim was released, Bethesda offered free games for life to anyone who named their child Dovahkiin, and at least one person took them up on that offer.
  • Some players raise en eyebrow and how the New Kid's parents want him to go out and make friends, despite how the New Kid's friend-making talents being the reason the U.S Government's been hunting him in the first place. But what if the New Kid's parents made the same mistake as the New Kid's party members initially did and thought the Government was after their son because of his other talent for Fartillery? certainly would be a less subtle power and therefore would easily be one you'd expect to attract alot of attention. If that's true, then the New Kid's parents probably only saw the New Kid's friend-making talents as just something to be proud of, and figured that it may even distract him enough to keep him from questioning why he and his family moved to South Park in the first place.
    • The Fractured But Whole says otherwise. They knew the exact reason the whole time, although both games did specify social media, so making friends in real life might be perfectly fine.
  • Why are Jimbo's katanas and crossbows so powerful ? Because unlike almost every other weapon you find, those are actual, real weapons.
  • 'Princess' Kenny being the final boss may seem like a bizarre (if humorous idea), but some ways, he's actually an ideal opponent for the role. Even if we put aside his inability to die permanently, if we take into account his skills from in the show (especially from his time as Mysterion), Kenny is technically the more experienced combatant out of the Main Boys and is a skilled tactician. With that in mind, this actually makes Kenny the party member that would've certainly stood the best chance of defeating the New Kid.
  • How is it that Sir Douchebag can reload from checkpoints? Let's say he's Facebook-friends with God and asks him to look the other way while he runs away from the Mormons.
  • Everybody hates Cartman. You're eventually offered the choice between Elves and Humans, and in theory it's an easy choice, because Cartman's a Jerkass. So Matt and Trey do the only thing that would make this a tough choice - they put Butters on his team. He's the first friend you make, and your first companion, and Matt and Trey kind of admit that Butters is meant to be your best friend, because they know that it is impossible to not be friends with Butters.
  • Randy is the most helpful adult in the game where adults are otherwise useless because he's a man-child.
  • One of your abilities as a mage, Funnel of Frost, may be synonym of the Cone of Cold spell, but given that the player uses a fire extinguisher to attack, the funnel is the nozzle, and the frost is the CO2 emission.
  • In a meta-sense, why are most of the government portrayed as bad guys in this game? Because Matt and Trey are Libertarians. Of course they would often write the government as mostly bad people.
  • At first, the fact that farting on Princess Kenny's balls magically changes everyone back to normal makes no sense, and just seems like a lazy way to make it seem like the events of the game never happened. Come the sequel, however, and we learn that the New Kid's farts are powerful enough to warp time itself. Not only that, but the first Timefart they learn resets the condition of the people and objects around them. The ending of Stick of Truth essentially has the New Kid use Timefart Glitch for the first time, and we didn't even know it.
  • Every companion has a unique power they can use in battle that takes up a certain slot on the battle menu and represents a fundamental part of their class (Butters has a healing touch, Stan has his dog (or animal companion), Kenny has a charm ability, et cetera), but on the New Kid's battle menu that slot is taken up by the Summon option. In other words, he literally wields The Power of Friendship.

Fridge Horror

  • If you remove the meta-humor for it, being trapped on an alien spaceship after being abducted for so long with no food that you're forced to subsist on mutagenic goo is pretty horrifying.
  • Why exactly DO the aliens want to probe humans? This is Fridge Horror in the sense that we NEVER learn why (in other words, Nothing Is Scarier)...

Fridge Logic

  • So if whoever held the Stick of Truth controlled the universe... why the hell were the humans being beaten so badly for a thousand years?? If they controlled the universe when they had the stick, shouldn't they have been able to, I dunno, just poof all their enemies away or something?
    • The Stick of Truth is really just a Macguffin prop. For the kids in the 'Fighters of Zaron' game ,the whole 'control the universe' thing only really amounts to being able to bend certain rules, as Jimmy demonstrated when he was able to get away with holding the door to his room shut when Cartman and the rest of Kupa Keep persued him to take the Stick from him.
    • Dude. It's a fucking stick.
  • Most of the game involves you and one party member adventuring into the far reaches of Downtown. Remembering that Butters is probably the only one who would remotely be trusted, you're basically putting your XP and quests on the honor system with Cartman. Then again, giving yourself massive level boosts and the Infinity +1 Sword for killing rats is exactly what most characters on the show would do.
  • If it's against the rules for any kingdom to take the stick and hide it, or to steal it in the middle of the night, shouldn't Evil Overlord Clyde not have any control over the stick's power, or at least get some kind of penalty for breaking those rules?
  • The Gentleman's Code. If farting on Princess Kenny's balls was what saved everyone from the Nazi Zombie Virus, why was everyone telling you not to do it?
    • Because, it's a parody of the Dangerous Forbidden Technique trope. "If you use might die!" Kinda stuff. Plus, it saved everyone from the Nazi Zombies by causing a VERY large explosion of pure light and energy. And, considering it started the next morning? You probably killed Kenny. You bastard.

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