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Unmark these spoilers at your own peril!!!

Fridge Brilliance

  • What did Sonic exactly mean by that he is out of character during the events of Sonic and the Black Knight? It's not playing the villain, he is referring to the fact that he is gleefully using an actual sword without hesitation or remorse on living beings.
  • How could Sonic call Mighty and not tell the Chaotix that he was already found and was with them the whole time? He thought they knew and wasn't aware that he was even considered missing in the first place.
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  • Why is Kunckles so Literal-Minded? Living in isolation on Angel Island makes you ignorant of current affairs, slangs, innuendos.....
  • How could Amy not acknowledge the curse on her and labelled the fortune teller as a fraud despite it being very real and all the other fortunes coming true? Then you realize that the curse is to be a flanderization of being Sonic's Stalker with a Crush and be too delusional to acknowledge any facts the she will never be with Sonic in any way. Since the fortune teller said that she would never be with Sonic, the curse already took effect and simply labelled the fortune teller as a fraud. In turn, she would never acknowledge herself being cursed as the curse pretty much sustains itself and stay that way for the rest of her life.
  • Why can't Espio stand the sight of blood, costing him a possible job as an assassin? It's because he was the last person to be knocked out in the ambush for Fang, meaning that while he was invisible and waiting for his chance, he saw the entire one-sided fight against the rest of the Chaotix first-hand in all its blood and carnage. This effectively scares him into attacking last while giving him hemophobia.
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  • Mighty states that after his 'accident' thanks to GUN which landed him in a coma, he is labelled as a John Doe to avoid lawsuits in case he survived. A John Doe in real life is the term for a male corpse that couldn't be identified or a placeholder name to censor a certain affected party's name in lawsuits. After all, a dead guy can't sue and if he survived, not being identified at that time would throw in doubt that the prosecutor and the supposed John Doe are the same person.
  • Why didn't the rest of the recruits follow Shade's example after she broke the Bystander Syndrome? It is because even if they followed in her example, they will still be forced to kill their bright spot after all that trouble, not to mention Ix's 'generosity' is most likely to be limited to Shade. In short, you can choose between a dead Morality Pet or a dead superior and a dead Morality Pet. There is no third option.
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  • Charmy's question as to whether Shade died despite the fact that she is standing right here makes more sense when you remember that the Chaotix previously stated that they survived a chapel explosion because of extra lives.
  • At first, Omochaos being written as the probes of an Adorable Abomination is just simply a case of the author painting them with Adaptational Villainy. Then, you realize that the thing omochaos are most known for is constantly stating the obvious repeatedly until you want to mute them all together. In short, they drive you mad. Now, what are Eldritch Abominations in general are most famous for again?
  • Blaze's rampage as an unstable Iblis Trigger most likely stems from the fact that her sealing of Iblis is a patch job compared to Elise's (Compare the two situations). Secondly,since Iblis is the raw power of Solaris without a mind to guide it and when Elise blew out the flame, it most likely ingrained itself into her to avoid having both of them being erased from existence. Put the two facts together and the result? Blaze becoming a half-baked Iblis Trigger, losing the battle for control to Iblis and then proceeding to go on a destructive rampage across worlds.
  • Blaze seems to be ok with using her hallucinations as her knowledge base despite being you know...hallucinations. Then you think back to her time as an out of control Iblis Trigger. Her mind probably dug into her subconscious memories during that time and reworked them into her hallucinations. So technically, she is speaking from past experience!
  • Blaze's fear of heights is a lot less funny when you realise that she probably got it from being stuck in a cage on top of a pillar of rock for eons.
  • Knuckles' tempting fate at the beginning of Cream's chapter may seem like a false flag since her origin of getting Cheese really doesn't have any of the grim and darkness from the earlier chapters and even Vanilla's reveal that she is a big crime boss is actually anti-climatic compared to the earlier chapters according to Amy. Then you realise that Amy also just jinxed herself with that earlier statement.Cue learning that Cream's father is EGGMAN!!. Knuckles' tempting fate came through on a meta level since her origin chapter also covers her family and more importantly, her father's identity which is the real twist!
  • Cream's reveal of her bodyguards is a clever way of transitioning the Elephant in the Room trope. It starts with asking why her mother would let her 6-year old daughter fight, leading to the reveal of her bodyguards, one of which is a literal elephant in the room and finally having Shadow put the two and two together with the implications of Cream being Eggman's daughter, making him her great uncle.
  • Why Knuckles blowing the lid on Vanilla being a crime boss to Cream didn't work out the way he thought it would? It is because until then, her mother was the one speck of light in a Dysfunctional Family. Now you tell her that the one speck of light and sanity is also a villain as well and is very still much in business unlike the rest? Is it any wonder the reaction would not be how he expected it?
  • Blaze's story has very similar themes to Kamen Rider Gaim.
  • Honey being benched for the final battle may deny her revenge, but not without good reason as she is not strong enough at that time and is to prevent a Succession Crisis should Blaze and/or Cosmo be killed.
  • The Bad Future of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) being retconned. Timey-Wimey Ball aside, could stem from the fact that Sonic Rush and therefore, the Sol Dimension is established as a parallel dimension and if the timeline is still there, Blaze would be split between choosing to lead Solana or going back to her time to help rebuild.
  • Gaim aka Kouta's intervention to help Blaze seems like a Deus ex Machina. But the blow might be softened when you realize that Dark Oak tried to rig the forest's very own trial in his own favour to ensure that he is the winner. Considering that Sagara is in physical form here, it means that he knows what's up and didn't take the gaming of his trail of evolution well. Suddenly, Sagara letting Kouta jump in to help Blaze makes more sense as it is Dark Oak's penalty for attempting to cheat.
  • Why would Blaze consider invading Sonic's world in the first place? It most likely stems from the fact that his world's history behaves like his video game counterpart, a Franchise Zombie that is Strictly Formula. Learning that there is a vampire family maintaining the status quo was just extra icing.
  • Why would Cream consider Blaze's offer of a continent when she rejected Eggman's who is her father the very same deal? It's because the former is her best friend while the latter is her Archnemesis Dad who tries to hurt her and her friends on a daily basis. As Espio said, there is some parts of Eggman in her than she would admit.
  • Suddenly, why would Silver not be able to seal Iblis in him makes sense. Iblis knew that it is joining the wrong body so it resisted while accepting Blaze since she was created by it in the first place. It only started fighting for control when it realised they were using the sealing technique instead, turning it into a prisoner.
  • Doubles as a Rewatch Bonus. Upon learning that the whole premise of the story is a lie by Silver in Chapter 14, suddenly a lot of his Freudian Slips and Last Second Word Swaps throughout the earlier chapters make a lot more sense.
Fridge Horror
  • Before Shade broke the culling spree, according to Imperator Ix, no one has ever did that before. Just how many recruits killed their loved ones before the war was over?
  • Just how many failed test subjects have GUN gone through in their failed attempts to recreate Doc Blue's evolution machine?
  • Although justified in the hypnotising the entire gang, you realise that Rouge barely avoided a grisly death. Thanks to her hallucinations and an attack from a physic, Blaze is very sensitive about having her mind messed with even more so than the others. The initial hypnotic suggestion to be comfortable with being hypnotised in the first place is pretty much the only reason she isn't getting grounded into red pulp by Sonic or getting incinerated by Blaze.
  • Just how many worlds did Blaze destroy before she regained control?
  • Just how many Chaos were ground up over the centuries to feed Gizomochao?
  • What exactly were the objects that could be so powerful in the Solana Royal Vault that the seeds of Helheim Forest is the LEAST dangerous thing? Not to mention, what happened to them after the whole incident?
  • Cosmo's head implant that is a bomb. If Eggman Nega lied about the location, Blaze would have ripped out her best friend's eye for nothing, leaving her wrecked with guilt.
    • It's even worse from Cosmo's perspective: Your father planted a bomb in you and your best friend ripped out your eye in an attempt to save you, only to fail and then possibly be the last thing you know before your head goes pop from the bomb setting off.
  • Omega may have 'spontaneous' disconnections in his livestream whenever something sensitive comes up in the storytelling but he never specified which were considered sensitive with only Rouge and Cream's being the only ones confirmed to be censored. Was there any info leaked without him realizing it?
  • The hazard caused by the Extreme Gear engines was only found out by Tails and his submitted discovery and solution was ignored by the manufacturers. Just what was the extent of the damage by these faulty machines in present day?

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