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Fridge Brilliance:

  • The Final Boss is only technically a case of The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard, but makes perfect sense. The Final Boss is Emerl undergoing a Deadly Upgrade. Of course he can't ever have that much power in normal gameplay — his body literally can't tolerate it, much less his mind.
    • And who better to take down a proverbial Physical God hyped up on so much raw power as well as all seven Chaos Emeralds than Sonic? He had personally helped train Emerl and get the Gizoid started off in the first place, watched over Emerl's progress throughout the entire game and seen both his advantages and flaws as he copied techniques from all of his friends and himself, and knew Emerl was in his own suicidal equivalent of a Super Form. Sonic knows his friend's moves thoroughly (as should the player by this point) and is the most experienced fighter in the entire cast with the Emeralds, arguably even dwarfing Knuckles' knowledge on how to counteract them and Shadow's reliance on Chaos powers. Sonic didn't simply fight Emerl because he's the titular protagonist and obligated to it - he's singlehandedly the only absolute counter to such a foe thanks to having more experience than even Shadow, and the story proves it by having him waste Emerl without even seemingly breaking a sweat in under 30 seconds with no Emerald assistance of his own. And Sonic manages to to this despite Emerl's moves being amped-up versions of his own.
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    • All of the final boss' moves are effectively enhanced versions of Sonic's moveset, with more damage, faster execution and additional effects [Such as punches casuing explosions, kicks sending out twisters]. This final boss happens to house all of the Chaos Emeralds. In essence, you're fighting an equivalent of **Super Sonic**.

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