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  • Think back to the Three Billy Goats Gruff story. The Goats convinces the troll that they will get him something better to eat. In this story? Harry convinces the Gruff to get him something to eat. And considering every time one of his friends who isn’t in the know about the situation sees him with a donut, Harry only continues to prove his trolldom.
  • The Denarians are down to six coins, all of whom have hosts already, so Harry assumes that Ivy and Marcone could not have been broken down into accepting a coin yet, or Nicodemus would have killed someone to free up a coin for them. But a potential host can be infected with the shadow of a Fallen by simply coming into direct contact with a coin, even if they are on their guard and resisting. And Cassius proved that a Denarian can expel their coin voluntarily, even if they have not felt remorse and have every intention of reclaiming it at the first opportunity. So one of the Denarian crew could have expelled their coin, picked it up and touched it to bare skin on both prisoners, and then reclaimed it, leaving them both with Shadows of the same Fallen inside their heads, whispering to them and tempting them....

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