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Warning: unmarked spoilers!

Fridge Horror

  • A fairly unique example in that the reactions of the audience and the character for which the Fridge Horror affects may be identical. In the first episode of season 2, Darwyn attempts to infiltrate the new cell by re-ingratiating himself with Benny. He does this by suggesting that they can get revenge on "Patrice Serxner, the FBI bitch" (and Darwyn's case agent) for foiling the first cell's attack. Later on, we find that Farik knows her name, implying that Benny forwarded her name through The Network and that it somehow reached Farik in secure custody at Guantamano Bay. It's not clear if Farik has a means of contacting the outside world, but clearly it can contact him. That's not the worst of it, though. Patrice unfortunately does end up being abducted by Al-Queda agents in Sudan and is decapitated. We see this as Darwyn sees it, in abject horror whilst watching it on his laptop. Gradually, you get the gnawing realisation that it's possible that because Darwyn mentioned her name to Benny, that's what led to her eventual demise. On the other hand, they may have gotten to her just the same if this hadn't had happened... but we'll never know for sure, and neither will Darwyn. Her blood might be on his hands. We can infer that these thoughts play out in his facial expressions, and it adds to the guilt and angst he feels throughout the remainder of the season. And it's clear from the end of the episode when Farik declares "Allah Ackbar" that he knows his captor has been murdered by his fellow extremists.

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