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  • In S2 Allies' campaign, the selection of characters of both genders and various countries as British special forces operatives is actually Truth in Television. They serve the Special Operations-SE2, which name implies being either a fictional department or a fictional Expy of the "Special Operations Executive" (or "SOE"). The historical SOE had female and non-British operatives.note 
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  • In S3 (which has Breakable Weapons), any weapon looted from a dead enemy has lost some durability; even if the enemy has been killed before having the time to use his weapons, it suffers from a minor durability hit (on the other hand, guns or blades found in chests or lockers are in pristine condition). It's because the items either suffered slightly from falling on the ground or were hit by one of your attacks.
  • Operatives are refered either by their first name, a diminutive of their first name, or a made up nickname. Sook (full name: Kwon Sook) seems to be the only exception to this First-Name Basis convention, but he actually isn't: being Korean, "Sook" is his first name.

  • S3 is set right after the end of World War Two, during the last years of Stalin's reign on USSR and during the rise of tensions which eventually lead to the Cold War. At this moment, Soviet citizens could have severe problems for meeting or collaborating with Western citizens. Several of the party members are people from USSR (Oleg, Tadasnote , Taras, Zinaida, ; it's also one of the country you're allowed to choose at character's creation) or Soviet-occupied Eastern Europe (Dani is a German from Berlinnote , Eagle is Slovakian, Gari is Hungarian, Jerzey is Polish, Matt is Yugoslav, Mike is Romanian; the four latter have the aggravating circumstances of spending World War Two under either the German or British uniform instead of their own country's). After collaborating with a multinational armed organisation featuring lots of people from the Western Bloc, they probably wouldn't be welcomed anymore in their home in communist Europe, especially since it's revealed late in the game that the THO plan thwarted by the Sentinels prevented USSR to get the technology of atomic bomb.

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