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Fridge / Silent Hills

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Fridge Logic

  • Why is there a fridge hanging from the ceiling?
    • One of the other fathers used a meat cleaver. A fridge would be a good place for a murder-addled mind to conceal the chopped-up remains of his family, including an expecting mother's torso...
  • If the voice-over is from the son of the recently murdered family, then why does he sound like a grown-up and not a 10-year old?
    • Does it have something to do with the separate realities/selves?
    • I think it's the ghost of the murdered son "borrowing" the voice of the radio broadcaster, or possibly possessing the radio broadcaster.
  • Why is there a zipper noise when Lisa kills you?
    • Considering that your character's jacket is already unzipped, that could only mean that zipper sound is from his jeans. That's where Lisa apparently decided to start.
    • It's the ghost of a formerly pregnant woman who was killed along with her unborn baby. Given how ghosts are usually portrayed as obsessed and single-minded beings, it's possible that she was trying to make another one.

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