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Fridge Brilliance

  • Asura's Asura Roga attack inflicts Rage status on random party members, including your character. It's also one of the more infuriating attacks because it swipes control of the party away from the player, potentially making the player rage at their DS. The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You from Asura's Hate Plague!
  • One strategy you can use on Horkos is to inflict status ailments on the Katakirauwa demons he occasionally summons and eats for HP recovery. This will cause Horkos to contract whatever the Katakirauwa was infected with. You're punishing him for his gluttony.
  • Zelenin comes from Russia, a country where a prominent part of history involved an absolute authority who nobody could question on pain of death. She ends up siding with Law in order to bring humanity under the control of an absolute authority who nobody can question on pain of death. Jimenez comes from America, a country where a prominent part of history involved people overthrowing a tyrannical authority to create a society based on individual freedom. He ends up siding with Chaos in order to overthrow all authority and create a society based on individual freedom where anyone with the power to back them up can do as they wish.
    • As mentioned above, Law and Chaos are color coded as Blue and Red. These are also the colors of the Investigation Team and the Strike Team, respectively. Remember which units Zelenin and Jimenez belonged to?
    • To go one further with Zelenin, the game's 20 Minutes into the Future setting and her being seemingly in her late twenties mean that, in all likelihood, she wasn't a child of the Communist era at all, but rather The '90s, when Russia had been left economically ruined and politically chaotic following the Soviet Union's collapse. She likely longed for law and order well before she went into the Schwartzwelt - perhaps even idolizing the Soviet era despite never actually living through it.
    • On Jimenez' end, he's probably roughly the same age as Zelenin. A little too young to remember the Cold War, but old enough to remember the vast differences between the relatively-if-not-entirely stable Bill Clinton era and the oppressive buildup of government power under Dubya. He remembers Team God giving power to someone who probably didn't deserve it, he remembers how the rich got richer and the poor got so much poorer during that time, and because he's a soldier, he might have experienced the War on Terror firsthand if he was old enough. Losing friends to the guns of The Other Team God certainly explains his initial hesitance to get close to anyone on this mission, as well. No wonder he went Chaos: between all the damage he saw done by the will of people acting in God's name, joining the other team just made sense.
  • The MC is a Marine in the NA version. Which makes him...
    • On top of that, consider that the United States is well-known for its huge military budget, while Japan's modern armed forces have historically been designed for national self-defense and not much else.
    • Making him American adds a touch of closeness to his relationship with Jimenez, who is also American in both versions.
  • Why is the "advanced" form "Bite's the dust" the reference for the explosion move, and not the base "Killer queen"? Well, if you think about it, the most famous and brutal death done by either stand was a delayed explosion set on a person specifically made to target another person done by "Killer Queen Bites the Dust", much like the skill will hurt your teammates massively as well as the one it was set on.
  • As noted on the YMMV page, full-demon Soil Jimenez is a much easier boss fight compared to half-demon Awakened Jimenez. Why such a difference? It's as the Loa from Nocturne said, and what was stated by Belial in Devil Survivor; humans are capable of harnessing demonic power to a frightening degree. By surrendering his humanity and becoming a demon completely in the Law Route, Jimenez lost a great amount of his potential strength he could’ve had as a half-demon (especially since he follows the Chaos path, which usually glorifies strength for its own sake).

Fridge Horror

  • The computers can't detect the mental parasite. Mitra had some experimental data about them. The parasite's effects grow worse over time. Now look at how Norris behaved in Bootes and how Jimenez acted at times in Carina. Did the parasites really first appear in Delphinus...?
    • "Fridge" nothing. The first time you meet Mithras, a Bifrons asks about "the delivery" and Mithras tells him to take it to "the squandered nation". That's the name of Delphinus's theme music. The demons were working on that parasite for a very long time.
      • The "A Squandered Nation" theme is that of Sector Carina. The theme for Sector Delphinus is "A Rotten Nation".
      • ...Take it to the shopping for shipping?

Fridge Logic

  • Alex wanting to kill the main character to avert the Law and Chaos endings make some form of sense, as it prevents a Bad Future where the world is shaped anew into something detrimental to humanity. But what about her motives on the Neutral Ending? How does killing the main character contribute to stopping the Schwarzwelt, when the cause of her problems in the neutral future is its reappearance?
    • She thinks killing him will force mankind to work harder to avert the apocalypse now that they don't have an easy way out, since he's the key to their success. Her plan having holes is a point. Showcasing just how little interaction with humans has left her unable to see glaring holes in her own idea.

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