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Fridge / Shimmer and Shine

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Fridge Logic

  • During a couple of the episodes, Leah summons the genies after dark, and the wish count is 'three wishes per day'. Why doesn't she wait until midnight and sneak an extra fourth wish, since it's no longer the day she summoned them?
    • Can she even stay awake by then?
  • In "Escape Goat", Leah uses her first wish to be able to "catch Sprinkles" and somehow expects Shimmer and Shine to understand she means a goat named Sprinkles instead of actual sprinkles in spite of having never heard of that goat before.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Shimmer and Shine have granted wishes in front of genies not aware that Leah isn't one of them and aren't worried the other genies will find out. It's eventually revealed in "Zeta in Training" that a genie-in-training can be bound to grant wishes to another genie as part of their training.

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