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Fridge Logic

  • The girls don't see a huge problem with being completely nude or exposed in anyway after battle, but this might come from the fact that they're fighting in a barrier completely hidden away from the public eye.

Fridge Brilliance

  • You know how Hibari is supposedly unskilled in combat, and she's Difficult, but Awesome to reflect that? It's the other way around; she's not the best in combat because her fighting style is Difficult, but Awesome. She chooses to fight that way, yet unlike pro Hibari players, she hasn't mastered it yet.
    • Likewise, Minori is considered the lowest-tiered character in Shinovi Versus - but that's likely because she's not only the YOUNGEST in the entire cast (a stark 15 compared to Hibari's 16), but also has the personality of a Bratty Half-Pint despite being a teenager, and is basically fighting with oversized food. She's also not taking the shinobi training that seriously as a result of her childishness, and doesn't have some other positive strength to balance it out; i.e. she isn't extremely skilled but lazy (like Hikage) or has a massive well of power to draw from (like Murasaki).
  • Ryōna is a masochist whose ninja animal is the pig. Being called something like a pig is an insult that most masochists enjoy taking pleasure out of.
    • Her name may be related to the ryona genre where female characters are depicted getting hurt in various ways.
    • Considering that pigs are associated with gluttony, it's also a Stealth Pun: She's a glutton for punishment.
  • One of the more difficult enemies are turtle ninjas, Stone Wall ninjas who specialize in defense with occasional shooting. What's the stone wall tactic they're executing? Why turtling of course.
  • The larger a character's bust is, the more likely they'll fight with slower, but harder-hitting strikes. This extends in the other direction, where the girl with the smallest bust fights almost entirely with ranged weapons with few actual physical attacks.
  • If one were to look from another perspective, the reason for shinobi not admitting to defeat so easily and dismissing the battle may be out of self-preservation. If they admitted they were committed to a fight, then retreated upon losing, they would be executed upon returning to their school. Though this may be likely for evil ninja.
  • Every shinobi student having a code name may also stem from the fact that they'll likely be targeted by anyone willing to assassinate them or their loved ones.
  • The North American and European versions of Shinovi Versus were released in October. October just so happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness month.
  • Aimu's weapon of choice is a bow note . Being one of the Zodiac Guiding Star Association girls, she is affiliated with the Zodiac sign, Sagittarius. If you think about it, what exactly did Sagittarius use again? A bow!
  • Why does Sōji's cards contain a bit more fanservice than her other Hebijo teammates? Because of her narcissistic personality, she wants the player to pay more attention to her than anyone else.

Fridge Horror

  • The Hebijo story in Shinovi Versus is about Suzune assigning Miyabi's group to reform Hebijo and dispose of Homura's group and the other schools that had to do with Hebijo's decay. This is while Ryōna and Ryōbi plot revenge on Miyabi for Ryōki's death after transferring from Gessen. After conflict with each other, they settle things and restore new pride to Hebijo. It looks like a happy ending, but then it leaves an off feeling afterwards.
    • Miyabi's group is basically disposing of all the Hanzo, Gessen, & Crimson girls.
    • So yes, the Hanzo girls, Homura's group, & the Gessen girls are dead. What makes things worse is that we don't even see Kiriya, Master Hanzo, Daidouji, or Kurokage's reactions.
    • What makes things EVEN WORSE is you realize that, because of their demises, Kiriya lost all of his students, as well as Hanzo & Kurokage losing their precious granddaughters (Asuka & Yumi).
      • However, the Hebijo story in Shinovi Versus is sort of a What If?. So it's as if none of it really happened. That being said, even if a guide says otherwise, it is recommended that you clear the Hebijo story first so that the resulting Player Punch isn't as harsh as if it was cleared later.
  • Exactly whose blood is on Murakumo's cleaver?
    • Her 'Crimson Girl' story in Shinovi Versus seems to suggest that she acts as her adoptive father's bodyguard. And considering that he seems to have no problem sending her after a bunch of protesters, it could be anyone's blood.