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The Book

Fridge Horror: The school tradition is much more disturbing than the tone of the book would have one believe.

  • The goal of this tradition is to elect the least popular kid and bully them until they need psychiatric care.
  • A few of the past victims are named in the book, and nobody seems concerned about what happened to them.
  • The faculty knows about this tradition and does nothing about it.
  • Zach, especially, looks forward to having his turn to nominate the student that will receive all this special treatment. After his fall from popularity, he complains bitterly about how this was supposed to be "his year"— defining the highlight of his year as the chance to mercilessly bully another student, which by the way, he already does.
  • Though Zach is the Big Bad in this book, he is not the one who started this tradition. Some student in the past had planned and enacted this scheme for the first time, and it worked so well that subsequent classes repeated it for several years.

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