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Fridge Brilliance

  • A minor one that hints to the twist, compared to Scream (1996), that there's only one killer rather than two of them. Ghostface speaks in his physical appearances unlike the original film because, besides a voice modulator, the killers only had one voice modulator - one would call the victims and the other would kill them.
    • Also, Scream and Scary Movie are both published by Dimensions Pictures around the same time as the third film was being produced. This would've explained why the killer speaks in Scary Movie but not in the original Scream - the killer only spoke on the phone until the third film! Just like the third film, there was only one killer!

Fridge Logic

  • In Scary Movie 2 Theo is clearly wearing a g-string, but during the Charlie's Angels-inspired strip scene she switches to panties. Either it's a Continuity Snarl or she mistakenly changed into another set of lingerie.

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