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Fridge Brilliance

  • Line it up with the Fridge Horror below, but it's implied that Gwen and Ruby may have killed someone and in their first appearance, they imply they were arrested once. Odds are these two are connected.
    • How is them being connected Fridge Horror? If anything, It's kinda relieving thinking they're connected, because that makes it a possibility they only committed one horrible crime instead of two.
  • Why was Goomer so upset Dice was helping another fighter? That fighter could very well be his next opponent in MMA.
  • Where did Dice get that dictionary from? He must've studied it for the spelling bee in #MagicATM
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  • How can that hobo possibly have a condo and expensive jackets and all those other things he's always talking about? Donations, natch. Especially with the way online activism spreads these causes nowadays. Alternatively, he's just crazy since we've never seen any of these things once (and fits thematically with Schneider's other shows). Yet another alternative is that he's actually an eccentric and bored billionaire - he'd hardly be the first one, even in real life.
  • Nora's use of hoses that aren't even connected to anything in #SuperPsycho makes sense if you consider that a hose that's fixed to a faucet and long enough to reach the bottom of the well would present a perfect escape implement.
  • The landlord in #DroneBabyDrone has flashbangs on hand in order to snuff out scuffles, which makes a funny kind of sense if you consider that he's had to mediate adults that are likely to get violent around him. It also serves as a Call-Back to previous authority figures with quirks like Lane Napper.
  • In #YayDay, Cat simply said Yay Day was on Saturday, but there's no official date for the holiday. So, the holiday where can just give gifts to loved ones can be any day of the year, and not an annual thing as birthdays, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas are and Yay Day manages to be the special kind of holiday the others aren't able to be.
    • Then why a Saturday? Because it's the first day of the weekend, natch! It's also, of course, the day of the week Sam & Cat originally aired onnote 
  • #BrainCrush aired just at the time a popular app (Flappy Bird) was something everyone talked about.
    • It also sounds similar to Candy Crush, another popular app game at the time.
  • In #BlueDogSoda, the speech everyone gives to the man trying to ban the soda can also be a message to anyone that would want to ban anything just because how some respond to them such as a show, a movie, a book, even something like a cell phone. It's a brilliant speech for people that love something so much that others would love to see banned.
    • It also has some meta implications. Sam & Cat managed to garner a sizeable Hate Dom over poor quality episodes and especially the still-fresh cancellation of Victorious, plus the backlash from shippers of both that show and iCarly (posters on IMDb were vocally calling for the show's cancellation out of spite). It could've been Dan's way of telling everyone to just chill out and enjoy the show you have.
  • In order to know why Sam hated Mindy from the episode #PeezyB, you have to take a closer look. Blonde hair, very sweet personality, her name even starts with an 'M'. She reminds Sam of her sister Melanie.
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  • Fridge Funny: In the same episode, Sam hurt Bunny in a way that he started stamping his foot vigorously. She made Bunny hop.
  • 'Crapples'. Crap apples. Stealth Insult and Stealth Pun at the same time.
  • From #BabysittingCommercial, the commercial did not increase their clientele. They showed it at 2a.m.!

Fridge Horror

  • #Revenge Of The Brit Brats: Ruby says to Gwen "You told me no one would get killed this time." Let's just leave it at that.
  • Sam told Cat she believes they will grow up wanting to beating each other up. Sam knocked out the #7 best fighter in the world in one punch, imagine what she could do to Cat
    • Except Cat tackled John Zakappa, another MMA fighter, and he had trouble throwing her off his back. And her and Sam wrestle in multiple episodes, but Cat never is hurt badly afterwards.
    • It's also a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment - Jennette certainly beat the show up (including implications of throwing shade at Ariana) during the start production problems leading to the hiatus and then cancellation.
  • The whole plot of this show can be thought of as fridge horror. Cat's grandma just abandons Cat with her business and herself, even though she's underage and, worst off, she left her with a nineteen year old criminal...
    • Except the 19-year-old criminal saved Cat's life, and is hardly someone to be terrified of. Also, the babysitting service was hers and Sam's idea, and at the age of sixteen, Cat, as ditzy as she is, really should be capable of caring for herself. Her grandmother left her in a fully finished apartment with plenty of food and she didn't completely walk out of her life. She just moved.
      • Yeah, and Nona visits Cat in almost every episode, so she knows Cat is safe. Plus, Cat ''tackled a professional MMA fighter. Even if she lost he still had trouble throwing her off. She may not be as strong as Sam, but the girl can take care of herself. Besides,Sam likes Cat and you know what happens to people who hurt someone Sam cares about.
  • The fact Nora kidnaps Dice and makes it clear she had no intention of returning him. Let that sit in. The homicidal Sociopath kidnapped a kid and had no intent of ever returning him. While cutting his hair off and making a wig out of it is fairly tame (but still frightening), if Nora never planned to give him back, what would she have done to him after carrying out her first plan?
    • Just imagine what's going through Sam's head during all of this. She knows what kind of monster Nora is and is outright scared of her. And now this lunatic has kidnapped one of her friends and outright tells her she never plans to return him.
  • In #DroneBabyDrone, there were two problems with the delivery drones. One, they were accidentally picking up babies instead of packages, and they had a tendency to crash through peoples' windows. What if one drone had both those problems in one delivery
  • At the end of #MyPoober, Sam and Cat leave an eleven-year-old girl alone in a cemetery with a creepy old man for putting their money in a toy rocket.
Fridge Logic
  • In Secret Safe, wouldn't the food in the safe be nearly as lethal as poison, judging by how it's been there since before Nona bought the place?
    • Not all food rots to the point of being lethal. The food was in cans and can food is generally considered non-perishable. Even if it was there for over a decade, it's not a stretch to say the food may have only been bad enough to make them sick.
  • Dice admitted he doesn't like doing anything illegal, so why did he have no problem getting Sam an illegal candy in #DollSitting
    • He probably justified it to himself by pointing out it was candy. Either that, or Sam was paying him well enough.
  • An unusual Real Life example: the circumstances of the show's cancellation. Nickelodeon's official explanation is simply non-existent, which doesn't help things. Some people claim it's because Jennette McCurdy had leaked selfies where she was in lingerie, but actors and actresses have been kept on kids' shows for having done far bigger mistakes (including Lab Rats ' Billy Unger and his underaged DUI arrest and High School Musical 's Vanessa Hudgens for being completely naked, while underaged no less) and many people don't even find the selfies to be all that scandalous, especially in today's social climate and anti-slut shaming movements. The claims of behind-the-scenes arguments sinking the show contradict some comments made by members of the cast and crew, which moves the Fridge Logic either to the gossip sites or (most likely) to the people on the show's side claiming differently.

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