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  • Fridge Brilliance
    • According to Essence, Ildon and Rastaban are lovers, right? For the longest time I thought this tidbit of information was purely for the Ho Yay, but only recently did I realize that it'd be nearly impossible for Ildon or Rastaban to hook up with (mystic) women even if they wanted to. The Charm Lord hoards them all (and has them under his spell to boot)! It makes perfect sense that all they have for intimacy is eachother! -MPEFF
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    • Mesarthim's an Extreme Doormat. Of course she'll have an ability that allows her to sacrifice her own LP to restore the rest of the party.
    • The Type 5 Mec party member is named after the Panzerkampfwagen V.
    • Asellus' Half-Mystic Ending being considered canon can explain on why she appears in other scenarios. After her deal with Orlouge, she could simply just take a ride on Cygnus as a part of 'wandering the Earth' with White Rose, or getting involved with Trinity and eventually Emelia and Gradius without Emelia having to encounter Asellus' pursuers (Asellus is also considerably less angsty in other routes). If she doesn't recognize Emelia, probably because canon-wise, she didn't take the Arcane quests during her own story.
    • Likewise, Emelia's Bad Ending seemed also connect more easily than the rest (or at least what happened in Essence where she saved Ren but broke up with him). There was no more mentions of Ren anywhere else, so probably he died by Emelia. In other quests, she's seen in Baccarat as a bunny girl because that feels like what she could do afterwards (Soldieress required her to fight, that's against Roufas' order, she's personally against being a belly dancer, and the Shingrow tournament doesn't always happen every day), so after Emelia's quest is over, she became a bunny girl that eventually provides everyone else with the Gold Card quest. And if by any chance she met Roufas, Annie and Liza again, they don't interact anymore because that was her deal with Roufas: She is to pretend that she never worked with Gradius, so she had to treat them as strangers.
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    • This assumes the scenarios occur one after another and not concurrently. It makes much more sense for Shelly's to meet Red and Emelia while on the run from Proliferation, and for Emelia to meet up with tarot quarters while on her second mission.
  • Fridge Horror:
    • The Inferred Holocaust of the Tanzer scenario, which has a random chance of occurring when you try to go from one location to another via airship. A beast called Tanzer swallows the airship whole, and that's how you discover that there is a small group of people trying to survive inside of it. Well, what happens when you "complete" the scenario by killing Tanzer's heart? Most likely, the monster would collapse to the ground somewhere, causing untold injury and destruction within and without.
      • You only actually kill the heart in Riki's scenario. And in Riki's scenario, it is clear that everyone inside Tanzer made it out. Less clear is what happens to Tanzer's corpse, but it might have just been left adrift in the dimensional sea.

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