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  • The origin of the player is limited to Aetoria, Cunaris, Salt Coast, and Wulfram. This is because players from other origin joining royal dragoon makes little sense. If you are a Kentari, then you will be joining Highlander. If you are from Waburen, you will probably be a White Rose Lancer.
    • On the other hand, your status will not be able to join Grendier and Wolf Head's Curiasser (Aetoria and Wulfram's signature army respectively), and it is expected for you to join dragoon as a Cunarian. Furthermore, have we heard of any army from Salt Coast?
  • In the early part of Sabre of Infinity,Hartgan comments on the main character of his capabilities(or stats, in player's prespective).The prioritizing order is intelligence, soldiering, and charisma. As one plays the game, player may realize that the stats checks are often about intellect and soldiering, while charisma often serves as to reveal the hidden aspect of other players' conversations, as well as the key to win Tessenward, which only appears twice as an option in is subverted to some extent in the second game, as the main character's ascension of rank no longer requires him to be in the first line unless players decided to do so.
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  • During the player's first operation, he or she may notice their main character comment on the strategic location of the bridge, with a sturdy toll house that could shield the winds and attacks from Antari. Guess what that for is called? Fort Kharan, and it is later became a key objective place for the antari that they began to lay siege for the fort.
  • Why is Sixth Squadron does not listen to your command even though you had proven yourself a hero at the Battle of Bolgia? Because you are the officer of another squadron during that battle. Them not knowing you is one of the numerous reasons why they did not follow your order like your original troop.
    • It make even more sense if you choose to stay in the castle and fight. If that is your original option, you might be seen as a coward who do not dare to fight the enemy in the open field. If you make the choice after you left Elson and lead your men back to the castle, you will be seen as a coward or even a potential deserter. EVEN IF you stay with Elson and fight, you are just barely made it out alive, and thus other squadron will not pay you the same respect as if you smash the enemy by yourself at ease.
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  • The stats change in the first two installments differs from each other. Stats rise Sabre of Infinity's seems like skyrocketed compare to its sequel. One may assume that the author change the mechanic in order to prevent the player from getting a stats over 100(the maximum stats), but the rate of change is actually plot-related: for your personal stats, the player did not have as much time period to raise it as you have in the first game(aging is also considered a possible explanation). For troop's stats, the war had grind up the best of the men in the army, and what is left for the troop are just low-quality replacement, they are nothing like the six-men squad you have when you are a cornet.

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