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Fridge / Rune Factory 4

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Fridge Horror

  • Marionetta is creepy enough as it is, but unlike the other bosses that become people Dolce has no similarities to the boss you fought. Pico does. Look at art for the boss and you'll see something not present, as well as something not readily noticeable, in the game. There are a pair of gloved hands controlling Marionetta that match up to Dolce's gloves, and the body itself resembles a stitched together corpse: Pico's corpse.
    • Additionally, if you tame Marionetta, her monster info states she's "dissatisfied by how Handonetta handles her," paralleling how Pico wishes Dolce would be more open with her.
  • All the marriage candidates have sad backstories, which are only resolved in their marriage flag events. Some of them are implied to get over whatever they're dealing with eventually even if you don't date them, but others, particularly the Guardians, Xiao Pai, and Arthur, flat-out can't. And even if you manage to get all the marriage flags you can (which is really difficult for a number of reasons), that still only covers characters of the gender you can date. The rest of them have to just shoulder it all on their own. Ouch.

Fridge Logic

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