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Fridge Brilliance

  • Inner Moka's explanation of "youki". Earlier, her own youki was enormous, and since she didn't appear to have any anger or murderous intent at the time, it could only be... -SpiriTsunami
  • Succubus Kurumu tends to break the fouth wall from time to time. The frist time she did it was in the 3rd episode when she is treating Tsukune in the school infirmary. She suddenly steps to the front of the screen, looks straight at the audience while making a fist and complains "Hey, what the hell is this? I just debuted on the previous episode, can't you let me appear earlier?" Then she break some more walls after that. This would seem to be part of the comedy, but let's think about this. Succubae are known to control reality to trap their prey, right? Maybe they can travel through other realities too. So of course Kurumu knows that she's in a harem anime!
    • Related: She complains about not appearing earlier and the bat narrator asks "Who are you talking to?" making it look like he doesn't know about the audience. Nope. He says that because the scene is already being filmed and the script writer is not present, as (s)he would be the one responsible.
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  • Akuha can phase through walls & floors, but when she was shot by Ling-Ling's Uzi, her dress was riddled while she wasn't. I guess she has to put extra thought into making her clothes phase too. -ComradeClaus
  • Kokoa's initial belief of vampiric supremacy. At first, we think it comes from being the younger sister of Moka. And then we meet her older sisters Kahlua and Akuha and her mother, Gyokuro. OF COURSE she would believe in vampire supremacy, LOOK WHO SHE'S LIVED WITH FOR SO LONG. It would be hard not to pick up that belief. -g3m1n1
    • It gets a bit worse too now that we know that Kokoa apparently was ALWAYS the weakest of the sisters which meant really warped her perspective and caused major self-worth and other self-image issues because from her view point she was the family's failure because she was the weakest.
  • Fong-Fong has become a Shipper on Deck for Tsukune/Moka, mostly because he wants a powerful Battle Couple to join his mafia. In general, it's not all that bad of an idea (especially considering Tsukune and Moka's status), but it makes even more sense that he'd latch onto that idea once we find out that his parents are also a Battle Couple!
    • And you can add to the fact that him and Yukari seem to have some ShipTease going on...
      • Also add the fact that would make them the inverse of his parents (summoner dad, fighter mom)
  • Haiji's attraction to little girls just seems to be a excuse to have a Lolicon guy to balance out Ginei's own brand of perversion for the sake of humor...but come chapter 58 and The Reveal of his true form of a tengu and it becomes a little less outlandish for him to be such, since most of the traditional stories of his kind say that Tengus are protective of kids.
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  • Tsukune gets placed on something resembling a cross in the climax of the first season. He's pretty much a Messianic Archetype of this series. That HAS to be some sort of Stealth Pun.
  • The leader of the 2nd division is revealed to be a doppelgänger who copied Issa Shuzen. The doppelgänger from the earlier chapters explained that doppelgängers are actually a weak race and are not good fighters. It's no surprise that Touhou Fuhai has defeated him. And considering that doppelgängers copies the weaknesses, too, and that vampires has the most weaknesses at all, it's even more plausible.
  • Miyabi secretly being Alucard seems like an Ass Pull. However, not only was he able to easily talk down Kahlua when he was first introduced, when he was next introduced Tsukune stated "I don't know what he is but we cannot afford to make an enemy of this man."
  • The fact that all of the girls except Moka are fine with a Marry Them All solution is because all of them (Moka included) are aware that Tsukune will most likely choose Moka. Moka's not willing to share because she doesn't have to and all the others are because they know they have to.
    • Fridge x2, Just look what polygamy did to her family!
      • Actually, it was never polyamory. He cheated on his first wife with Akasha.
      • Not entirely true: Gyokuro was Issa's second wife, his first wife died sometime after Akua was born. So he cheated on his second wife with Akasha.
  • Thanks to Art Evolution, both Mokas look almost like the same. Considering that they share the same body, it's natural that they have the same face. Also, considering that Outer Moka looks exactly like Akasha, Inner Moka looks now very similar to her mother.

Fridge Horror

  • In Chapter 41, it's revealed that Tsukune has transformed into something very much like Alucard. This raises the question of just where Alucard came from in the first place and what it implies for Tsukune's future.
    • Oh yes, this does raise the horrifying question if Alucard was just another Tsukune once, who fell for a vampire girl and wound up warped into that horrible demon, which wrapped itself tightly around Moka's mother and Moka herself, reaching out at them at all times. If this bit of Fridge Horror is true, Alucard and Tsukune have a future written in Tear Jerkers.
      • It might be a bit repetitious if Alucard was a former human (the last season's Big Bad was one, too), but it's entirely possible. However, the comparison is most likely due to the fact that Tsukune's vampire blood originally came from Moka, whose Shinsou blood was synchronized with Alucard's.
    • One problem with this theory is, Alucard was said to be the first vampire here. So, it begs the question of, if Alucard was originally human, where did he get monster blood from? Because it couldn't have been another vampire.
      • Not quite, that page states that Alucard is the oldest vampire, not the first. which would imply that he's just the oldest vampire still around rather then the first of them. Indeed considering that he was only sealed two centuries ago, this makes a lot of sense. Of course that he is said to be a vampire at all probably means he's not like Tsukune, or if he is, that no-one remembers that act.
  • Alucard is really damn freaky, you do not even know where it came from, nor if its even from our earthly plane. If it grabs you with those tentacles, it can pull you into itself and make you part of Alucard's whole. How many people exist in that thing?
  • I don't even want to imagine what Kuyou is like now, after he showed up again recently.
    • Indeed, come his reappearance as a member of Fairy Tale, it now appears as though his vendetta against the Newspaper Club was motivated by a complete disregard on his own part for the monster code and that he may have put the entire Security Committee at risk by trying to murder Tsukune based on his own twisted interpretation of the school's "no humans allowed" rule. In fact, had Tsukune been executed, the only thing Youkai Academy could've done would've been just hand it all over to Fairy Tail.
  • When Mizore was introduced, it was revealed that a teacher she had a crush on attempted to molest her at best and rape her at worst. Then we find out he's a kraken. That's a monster with TENTACLES.
  • Kagome Ririko. In the manga, she was a fairly standard Monster of the Week. However, the anime adds an extremely creepy S&M aspect to her character, and she is clearly getting sexual pleasure from torturing Tsukune, even climbing on his back and riding him at one point. Tsukune was brainwashed, and probably not even aware of his surroundings. Given her behavior onscreen, it's entirely possible that she may have gone farther offscreen and he wouldn't even know.
  • If heartbreak can kill a succubus, what would have happened to Kurumu if she actually did have sex with him in that state? Sure, date rape would relieve her sexual frustration, but she can't keep him charmed forever. What happens when he snaps out of it and realizes what she made him do? Most likely, he flips out and Kurumu dies of the guilt induced heartbreak before she gets a chance to see Moka's reaction.
    • Though it's also hinted that Tsukune snapped out of it the moment he woke up in her room and was just playing along to ease her emotional pain.
  • Mizore being pinned down by Miyabi and almost raped by him is scary enough. Come the reveal he's not only the big bad, but Alucard, the strongest Vampire in existence, and it becomes even more terrifying. Now think of what would happen if he had tried it on Kurumu, and remember what happens to heartbroken succubi. Yep.


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