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Fridge Horror

  • The storyline where the two bullies kill one of the students at Tim's school and Tim doesnt stop them because he might risk exposing his Robin identity if he shows combat abilities never properly shows the consequences of Tim's inaction. He's effectively an accessory to murder, and the comic never brings this up, nor is the incident ever brought up again after the story is over.
    • Tim was alright up until he lied to the police about what he'd seen because he didn't want to be responsible for Phil's murder and felt like he would be if the bullies were the murderers. In the moment he had no reason to think anything out of the ordinary was going to happen and did challenge the bullies and give Phil an opportunity to stick with him and Ives. That Tim didn't assault them while they walked away with their apparently willing victim is not framed as a failing on his part even if he thinks it is, the lesson he's presented with-and failed to learn-was that he should have brought it to the teacher's attention and not tried to hide things from the authorities.

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