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Fridge / Rob Liefeld

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  • Fridge Horror: His art style becomes this, if you consider how people like that would look like in real life.
  • The much maligned pouches? Fridge Brilliance. Prior to Liefeld, one wonders where tights-clad superheros kept the keys to the X-Jet.
    • Spider-Man, never having received a Liefeld-style Makeover, had to stash his stuff in garbage cans, alley ways, or webbed under ledges- leading to said stuff being stolen, destroyed, or otherwise unrecoverable on multiple occasions.
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    • Do you even want to think about how Deadpool would carry around his action figures if he didn't have so many convenient pockets?
    • His antiheroes love them some guns. They gotta carry all that ammo/explosives/weaponry somewhere.
    • All the pouches are Older Than They Think anyway. Art Adams thought them up for Longshot for, yes, exactly that reason - where did he keep all his throwing knives? And Adams was pretty obviously the single biggest influence on Liefeld's style.

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