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Fridge Brilliance

  • You ever wonder if they weren’t such jerkasses to everyone they wouldn’t have received such No-Holds-Barred Beatdown ukyo to ryoga starfire to jinx koetsu beat shampoo but he didn’t enjoy it he did it for ukyo the only ones who received truly epic beatdowns were ryoga and jinx
  • While both Lathis and CAP’N try and respectfully adhere to out given canon, specifically: Ranma 1/2 manga > Ranma 1/2 anime Teen Titans > Justice League/JLU > extended DCAU > DC comics > XCOM book > fluff > game. They aren't wedded to it. What happens will not necessarily mimic what occurs in canon, though it may go parallel to it. This is more of an issue for Lathis though, since he has the in-enviable task of juggling the assorted DC/DCAU continuities and trying to fit them into a logical framework. Compared to that, Cap’s job with Ranma and XCOM is super easysauce.
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  • The moment ukyo started to run out of her reserves of green lantern energy she started to think straight.
  • Why does Raven usually go to Ranma for dating advice because Ranma has the most dating experience out of anybody

Fridge Horror

  • The Alien Mind are inordinately interested in either recruiting Starfire, or at least obtaining a piece of her. this would give them access to an incredibly dangerous new weapon. Imagine an army of warriors stronger than a Sectopod, more plasma resistant than a Muton, able to fly naturally like a Celatid and freely travel through space like an Ethereal.
  • This fic comes across like Bambi Meets Godzilla you drop a well-developed idealistic character into this dark, doomed(YES, doomed. They had to re-create the Waffen SS as an international combat unit just to keep pace with a single Hive Mind, and it's implied that their universe is filled with Hive Minds. They either die out or become the Imperium Of Man. And eventually die out anyway.) universe and watch them suffer because everything good they ever knew was a fantasy.
    • It felt like the ultimate darkfic - Here's that goofball Inuyasha! Isn't his crush on Kagome adorable? Here's that hentai Miroku! Isn't he wise for such a deviant? Here's Sango! Tough yet friendly! Here's Shippo! Oh he's so sweet and cute! WE ARE XCOM. THEY ARE ALL LIES. YOU ARE A FREAK. YOU ENDANGER OTHERS. SUBMIT. OBEY. WE WILL KEEP THE WORLD SAFE FROM YOU.AND YOUR LITTLE MOTHER, TOO. HARVEST.
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  • before the big reveal Kagome was contemplating the ramifications that her adventures in the past would have on the present
  • The effects the Bleed has on the mind
  • The thought that XCOM are researching ways to weaponize dimensional technology. After all, why bother using it as easy locomotion to bypass defenses, when you could just drop a dimensional bomb right on Mars that could tear open a rift to a dimension where the Earth's sun was a Type O, instead of a Type G? Bam! Even if the portal only lasted for a few seconds, the unimaginable forces which existed at the heart of a solar system sized star would tear the planet apart like tissue paper.

Fridge Logic

  • If the aliens can create "Double A" psychics, why are they all wandering around free-range? Why are these city-busting psychics not deployed as Trenchards?
    • There is one major explanation for why the aliens don't use them. A few smaller ones as well, but the big one is really sufficient. The fact is that, asides from Raven, a non native, every single Double A psychic on X-Com earth is some shade of insane. Some are relatively benign, like Kagome, just losing themselves in a fantasy world, but even that was starting to leak into the real world a bit and cause problems. And others are just full on dangers to themselves and others. Even Saffron, who they did use as a weapon, was a complete loon.
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  • In universe the Titans wonder why XCOM just doesn’t focus all of their attention on finding the Hermit who originally gave Ryoga the Mark of the Battling Gods instead of trying to recreate it.
  • Since when had raven and jinx become such good friends.
  • why isn't X-COM using Jusenkyo spring water to convert trenchards to humans?
    • We've already seen that the MIND can maintain contact with aliens turned human (albeit not as well as when they're aliens), and captive trenchards are rare and valuable research subjects. So that's out.
  • The kaijin raishu has been described as a narrow tear in the air filled with ki meaning that ryu can use his ki to create vacuum yet he can’t use it in vacuum.
  • How come no one reacted to anyone like they were brainwashed and crazy.
  • XCOM putting Ryoga in charge of the team with the unresolved mental whammy regarding Jinx. Even if all the feelings and memories were genuine, I'm pretty sure that kind of fraternization-ish stuff would be a major no-no.
    • This is the same organization that saw fit to put Ranma in command with not one, but two of his fiancee's at the same time. And this was far before they had come to the level of resolution they now possess.
      • There was quite a bit of plot revolving around getting Ranma's fiance issues settled though, and him laying down the law to his overly affectionate team mates.
      • X-Com is far more interested in results than technicalities when it comes to their special teams. Considering that the ranks that Ranma, Ryouga and Herb possess after two or three months (despite telling T-Ryouga that it would probably take him years to achieve the same rank), it does seem to be that they are quite in favor of fast tracking people and overlooking small problems in the hope of gaining something potentially very useful.
      • The question is whether or not the sum total of pain in the ass that is Jinx would be considered small problems and technicalities. You could say the same about other members of the special squads, except that their personality didn't revolve around being an obnoxious bitch to nearly everyone nearby from day one. When Kuno is a shining beacon of camaraderie and respect next to you, it's time to rethink your life before you inspire a fragging.
  • cyborg supposedly had money, so he didn't necessarily have to hack the telephone.
  • It has been shown that the Pathfinder crew is not experiencing time at the same pace as X-CON Earth. What about Titans Earth? Will there be a difference in the passage of time there?
  • How does ryoga know 'crouch of the prideful tiger' when genma only showed it to ranma once who blatantly refused to ever use it.
    • Ryoga saw genma use it and was just making another jab at ranma
      • Basically it was another one of Lathis’s jabs at Ranma
  • Back in dark titans raven was very worried when she found out the extent in which akane applies Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male against ranma yet she does it to ryoga.
  • While trigon is taken Up to Eleven at least Ranma and ryoga have had experience dealing with oni, spirits, ect enough to know how to properly deal with them..
  • Given their dealing with rouge physics such as kagome as well the extensive research done on how to imulate charles atlas superpowers wouldn’t the various Shinto (onyoudo) and Buddhist (houjutsu) magics have been studied as well. It might not have been nearly enough to stop trigun but it could have at least given them a fighting chance against slade
  • Lathis’ biggest excuse for Ranma’s repeated loses is that the Ranma always wins has been done to death. The problem is that he keeps making Ranma lose due to for got I had that superpower. the 'Ranma defeats Saffron with an HSH variant' was only averted because Ranma forgot that he knows at least two counters to the HSH counter. Something Lathis’s himself established.
  • Jinx claiming that Ranma taught her the wall cling technique.
    • Her even knowing the technique period is this.
  • Why does everyone keep saying that Ranma was the one who stole food when it was genma
  • ki and magic are the same thing just the energy is used differently does that mean that nth metal also works against ki attacks
  • If absorbing someone aura is so dangerous how did Happosai and hinako survive for so long
  • Why did Ranma expunged Shandra Mal so quickly. It seems that having a dimensional drive engineering expert available would have been useful given the protagonists' predicament.
  • are the Titans allowed to use their communicators to listen in on their teammates? The way XCOM tightly controls communications I would think X-Ryouga would frown upon what T-Ryouga, Raven, and Shampoo were doing, though I suppose he had other, Trespasser-related things on his mind at the time.
  • What with the numerous references to American tv shows
  • If Ranma’s body is locked in veritable stasis as he pilots the Pathfinder how does he reply to Nabiki's frantic inquiry through the ships internal systems.
  • Where was Ranma during shampoo and ukyos fight with slade
  • Why was T-Ryoga chosen to lead Yankee when literally everyone else has more experience
  • What happened to ravens aversion to double standard abuse
  • Which makes it more strange that they got Shinto and Buddhist to bless their scrolls.
  • During her conversation with Ukyo Nabiki mentioned both the Gambling King incident as well as her dating battle with Kinnosuke. Both incidents contradict Ranma’s intelligence. The first relies on forgot I had that superpower (as does this story) while the other shows that he had more money sense then nabiki (he and Akane acted as chaperones on that date.
  • I find it doubtful that Ranma doesn’t know blind fighting
  • Wally west is the Flash in Justice League he is also kid flash in Teen Titan’s so who is the Kid F;ash the titans were referring to.
    • Have a pensient for using people who shouldn’t exist like oracle
  • Umisenken shouldn’t be able to work on mechanical objects
  • Ranma of all people stating that he has never doubted that he had control over everything he did. Good or bad. Right or wrong.'
  • Wouldn’t mousse’s and shampoo’s name sound completely different in English the same way xian pu an mu tsu sounds like shampoo and xian pu in japanese
  • Why do the characters reference so many American shows. It is a common fanon trait to portray Ranma as a trekkie but even then he is shown not to watch a lot of tv. and even then stargate, sliders, and many more sci fi shows are reference but few Japanese shows.

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