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Fridge / Ratatoing

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Fridge Horror

  • Marcel sends the rats that know his secret to his cooking off to a lab to be test subjects. Some rats hear that the scientists treat them well, but what if that's just a lie from the scientists themselves?

Fridge Logic

  • Why do the rats only ever go to one restaurant to steal their ingredients? Once the restaurant gets traps, why can't they just go to another restaurant and steal their ingredients there?
    • Because the same will still keep happening, as if they snuck into another restaurant to steal ingredients, that restaurant will just set out traps and they'll likely be different than the traps from the current restaurant. In that vein, when word gets out that one restaurant has a pest problem then the other eateries will simply prepare themselves should a pest problem approach them.
  • When Marcel finds a bar of chocolate to steal, Carol claims that the restaurant has never had chocolate before. If that's the case, then how did they flavour the chocolate ice cream from the start of the film?
    • With cocoa?
    • Obviously, they had chocolate-flavored ice cream that came pre-manufactured. Or, with the cast being such a Dysfunction Junction, they could have simply forgot.

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