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Fridge Logic

  • How on Earth — and indeed, why on Earth — does David Talbot make it to Lestat's concert in L.A.? His only motivation for doing so is a phone-call from Jesse, in which she announces her intent to attend the performance. A mere seventy-two hours from the concert, then, the implication is that David — mentor figure or not — is willing (let alone capable) to expend the time, money, and energy for a trip halfway across the world (as well as an astronomically-priced ticket for a concert which is Serious Business, not only featuring a performer who is, to quote Marius, "bigger than Elvis," but also trumpeted as the only concert Lestat will ever give) with no other ostensible purpose than to find Jesse (against all odds, amidst thousands and thousands of people) and shout, "Stop! Don't! Come back!" Adding to the absurdity, David never meets Jesse on arrival. His sole purpose in the scene is to stand there and watch the vampire carnage, as well as to hear some hilariously hammy small-talk from Marius. It's as if the screenwriters looked at their first draft and said, "Shoot, we can't end the movie with a David scene — everyone will have forgotten this character existed. Let's throw him in the concert scene!"

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