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Fridge Brilliance

  • Vadinho is much more competent and able than Tony. It provokes the question of "What kind of a super hero movie is it when the SIDEKICK is a better hero than the hero is?" But when you think about it, Vadinho is possibly an angel or god, or at least a guy who has spent his entire life knowing about the mask, the Pumaman, and that he'd have to find him and help him. Tony, meanwhile, is a random American living in Britain with an ostensible connection to academia. Of COURSE Tony doesn't know the first thing about what he's doing! Of course he doesn't have the will-power to resist the mind-control mask. And, of course, he flies like a moron. He's just some random guy who wears a magic belt, not particularly athletic or heroic at all.
    • Then again, Jane doesn't have any more mental or physical training than Tony does and she manages to (eventually) fight off Kobras' mind control while Tony couldn't.
  • Puma Man's flight pose looks awkward because he's trying (not very well, admittedly) to emulate a four-legged running/leaping pose, like an actual puma! This is supported by the line one mook gives when explaining to his boss how Tony escaped: "That wan't a man, that was a cat jumping!" It seems if this was meant to be, however, then super jumping would have been a better super power for Puma Man than flight.
    • Actually he supposedly was jumping rather than flying. Its just the effects are... not up to par.
      • The movie itself seems confused whether he's jumping or flying. The movie repeatedly calls it "jumping", but he's explicitly shown hovering several times, and once casually walking in mid-air. Maybe he just has infinite Double Jumps.
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  • Tony's reluctance to be the Puma Man early in the film could be seen as a Deconstruction of the standard "wish fulfillment" Super Hero origin story — i.e. the muggle who gains super powers and is eager to start playing around with them (as seen in Spider-Man). Certainly, any normal person would react badly to the news that he's now a murder target because of some super-trait he didn't even know he had. The problem is that Tony's "reluctance" is demonstrated through whiny self-pity which does nothing to endear him to the audience.


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