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Fridge / Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

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Fridge Brilliance

  • The statue of the young boy and a man in a top hat was actually Clive's tribute to Layton's kindness.
  • The puzzle in which two friends meet, with one having a fast watch he thinks is slow and the other having the opposite problem, takes on new significance when you consider that the puzzle giver, one of the kidnapped scientists, thinks he's in the future, but is actually in the present.
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  • The revelation that Future Luke is the Big Bad is unexpected, but it makes perfect sense. If Future London is a fake, Future Luke must be a fake as well.
  • Unlike Present Luke, we never see Future Luke communicating with animals. It's an early hint that he's not really who he claims to be, but it's easily overlooked because it doesn't seem important.
  • Future Luke's explanation as to why London is thrown into chaos makes little sense, or rather, is too disorganized to be true. First, there's the implication that Layton would work with the villains to create the time machine. Secondly, there's little observance to what happens with the rest of the UK, or why "Future Layton" would even want to make the time machine, or what happened with Parliament when the country was turned under the bus. This, like many things, is entirely a clue to why they aren't really in the future, as there's little within the environment to suspect a "Bad Future".
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  • At the beginning of the game, the usual This Is a Work of Fiction disclaimer appears. It's revealed at the end of the game that this is even truer than it appears at a first glance; the entirety of Future London is just an illusion, truly a stage play for a work of fiction In-Universe.

Fridge Horror

  • How many people must've died during Clive's rampage on London? Every step he took crushed homes beneath his giant mecha's feet, and he was firing cannons all over the place the entire time, not to mention the huge chunk of the city he destroyed while making a hole for his mecha to rise from beneath the earth. Unless every single one of the homes destroyed happened to be empty at the time, countless lives must've been lost. And stranger yet is that nobody called Clive out on that.
    • Well, he does get arrested at the end.
  • Beside the buildings that were already destroyed, London has a giant sinkhole in its center. Who knows how big that thing will get and how much of London it will consume.
  • Considering what Clive wanted to do and his motivation, he is pretty hypocritical, and it's a wonder why Layton didn't point to it and ask him how many more people has he made to be just like him.
  • At the end, Claire knows she has to go back to get blown up.
  • So, if Subject 1 was the parrot, and Subject 3 was... well, Subject 3, than who was Subject 2? It's not like there are any other random talking animals in this game. Well, there was Beasly, but he's n - oh god OH GOD OH GOOh wait, is that him in the credits?
  • It turns out that Future London is a fake, and the Clock Shop is actually an elevator that takes its riders underneath the actual London to the fake Future one. While it's implied that the actors who pretended to be the inhabitants of future London didn't know what Clive was planning, like Cogg and Spring, the game mentions that at least one of the scientists is married. While it's bad enough for the scientist (whose name escapes me), it's indicated that Viv is the daughter of one of the scientists and one of the actual "residents" of Future London. She must have been born after Future London was established if she truly was the daughter of the scientist. Imagine what it must have been like for her when Future London was evacuated. Imagine, at a young age, learning that your entire LIFE is a lie, a facsimile designed to disguise a horrible weapon of mass destruction, and more personally, your mother knew the truth but didn't tell you. That could leave someone SERIOUSLY traumatized.
    • The last time a child was seriously traumatized by a bizarre and tragic incident, he ended up trying to destroy London and someone present at the original incident in his youth had to stop him. This time? Call in Professor Triton!

Fridge Logic

  • Most people would certainly notice a 30+-story clock shop that suddenly terminates at nothing and think at least something was awry.
    • It's mentioned several times how the sky is very hazy in Future London due to industrialization. It's entirely possible that everything above the second floor is obscured by this.
  • The game apparently insinuates that if you live in London, you never leave. Otherwise, Future London would be discovered rather quickly.
  • How does Claire know how she died?? She isn't a ghost! If she was really just randomly launched into the future, then how the heck does she know about everything that's going on???
    • It is known that the Professor Layton games have lots of plot holes so let that one slide. If one is so stubborn, then it is safe to presume that Claire was launched into the future before the explosion got her, so of course she would know how she will die because she can literally see it coming.
    • Isn't it as simple as Dmitri or someone telling "Celeste" what happened to her? She could had also done some of her own research also and figure out the truth from there.
  • Where did Clive get all the material for a skyscraper sized mecha? And how did he build that thing without anyone noticing?
    • Probably when everyone was sleeping.
    • Clive was kidnapping scientists and politicians for a longer time, so he could have very easily gotten weapons into London with little governmental interference (as it would imply the country is loosing vital workers to suspect anything is going on).
  • Bill Hawks and the scientists getting away with what they did seems a cruel twist of fate at first... Then you realize that Clive had them under his control for the entire game, and so he could have punished them at any time. Instead, he decided to take out his "revenge" on the innocent citizens of London, in a way that left the people he actually wanted "revenge" on unharmed.
    • It is never stated whether or not the scientists that Clive kidnapped were part of the original time machine experiments. Even if they were, it could be argued that unknowingly building a giant doomsday machine later used to wreck London could constitute karmic punishment.

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