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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why did Sonny Bonds choose to become a SWAT officer, outside of his own city? Aside from his back story, Sonny has a habit of doing some things rather recklessly in PQII and III. In II, he has the option to raid a motel room, where Bains allegedly was holding up in, without the aid of a SWAT team, guns down the terrorists himself, and search the sewers without proper equipment OR back-up (justified in which Marie may be in there with Bains and Sonny did not want to waste any time waiting). In III, he will go on a high speed car chase against a man who may have been the one to stab Marie, have to commit a potentially unlawful act in order to learn about his partner's affiliation with Bains' brother, and to do that, he will have to clog a toilet to distract the janitor to gain entry in the women's locker room, and the climax is Sonny raiding a crack house while receiving help in opening the door but not waiting for a team to show up. Needless to say, he is probably a thrill seeker, and naturally opted to enlist in the SWAT unit outside of Lytton.
  • In PQIV: Open Season, why isn't Hal Bottoms doing anything other than paper work? Well, he mentioned having been whipping up disrespectful criminals before, and adding that they're lucky that he isn't out there after them. Looks like the guy loved playing the Cowboy Cop back in the day.
    • He might be a bad influence on John Carey as well since some of the actions he has to take can involve going out of procedure. He's just god damn lucky that there wouldn't be a game if he was demoted to Desk Jockey. Damn lucky.
  • In the same game, you have the option to pull out your handgun on almost anybody, almost all of them having a unique narrator message to back them. However, if you point your gun to Mitchell Thurman, a mentally challenged man who works at a movie theater, you simply hear him exclaim "oh mother-" as your warning message. Strangely, the game over theme does not play but you still get a game over. That's because HE IS THE KILLER!
  • You can sexually harass Chester by using the hand icon on her. Weirdly enough, she sticks with her tone and will give you about five warnings before a game over. Why would she even bother giving John multiple warnings for such an offense? This might not be the best reason, but it might have to do with the implied love interest between the two.
    • On the other hand, using the hand icon on certain characters implies that John is tickling them. Maybe Chester isn't that much into tickling? She does have a legal reason to pursue a lawsuit, but if she knows it's just tickling, it's likely just her way to let John know that she doesn't like being tickled.
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    • When you meet her and Nobles at the Short Stop she's more appreciative of John's advances. It's not that she doesn't like it(she always smiles when you visit SID) but because it's inappropriate at work.
  • In 2 why is Sonny in Homicide instead of narcotics like at the end of the first game? Because Dooley is now head of narcotics and Sonny doesn't want to be under his thumb as a detective as he was as a patrol man.
    • There's also the fact that Sonny's narcotics assignment was only temporary to begin with.
    • Yes but the fact that he didn't want to stay in Narcotics means Dooley was promoted between games and that's the reason.

Fridge Horror

  • In one level of SWAT 4, you can uncover a basement full of small graves, with teddy bears around as well. The men who did it are members of a cult. Oh dear...

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