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    Fridge Horror 
  • Where are all the highways (or railways)? Cities in the Pokemon world are shown having paved streets, skyscrapers, and sizes which would suggest six or seven figure populations. How come the routes from one city to another are always dirt roads through pristine wilderness with pedestrian traffic. Perhaps because wild pokemon are just THAT dangerous, and it would be easier to defend the borders of a city from attacks versus roads in the wild. Maintaining an intact, multi-lane freeway between any two places would be a nightmare—if you thought hitting a deer would be bad, just wait until it's a Rhyperior using hyper beam on you! And then there'd be the roadkill...
  • In the episode "Mystery at the Lighthouse", the gang stumble upon a lighthouse, enter it, and meet Bill, a Pokémon researcher who is trapped inside a Kabuto costume until they help to free him. Had the trio not come along to help, Bill would never have been able to free himself and could have starved to death inside the costume!
  • In the episodes centered around Sabrina: When Ash comes and challenges her, she says they have to "play with her" if he loses. In this case, that means getting teleported to a town model and getting run over by a giant ball, or getting turned into dolls to literally be used as such. Ash and company escape thanks to Sabrina's dad... but suppose not everyone who lost received the same privilege...
  • Hunter J's death takes on a more morbid tone when you consider this: When her ship blew up, killing her and her minions, all their Pokémon would have perished too, while inside their Poké Balls, having no idea what was happening.
    • Wait! It gets even better! In the episode Sandshrew's Locker, the gang found a Poké Ball underwater, with Mira's Sandshrew inside, still alive. Now take that logic and apply it to Hunter J's and her henchmen's Poké Balls (and possibly any kidnapped Pokémon that happened to be on the ship at the time), which could have very well survived intact and wound up buried in the rubble of the wrecked ship at the bottom of Lake Valor. Where they're probably all going to be for a very, very long time. And even if someone could retrieve them, it's highly doubtful anyone cares about J enough to make sure her Pokémon are okay. Have fun!
    • Think of the second episode of Diamond and Pearl. James finds his Carnivine in a box of bottle caps. It's been sitting in there for only God knows how long. Likely years literally in suspended animation. No wonder it's always trying to eat James.
  • In the first episode of Rival Destinies the gang goes on a roller coaster with loops (inside a Gym). But Pikachu and Axew are riding on their caretakers' shoulders, not buckled in or held. How is that safe?
  • A Maractus Musical! showed one of the musical contestants with 3 Zen Mode Darmanitan. If you understand how the ability Zen Mode works, imagine how that contestant managed to get all the Darmanitan into Zen Mode.
    • Maybe they got to Zen Mode by using Belly Drum?
  • Given Iris’ fear of Ice-type Pokémon, how’s she going to react upon seeing a Fairy-type and discovering that they’re immune to Dragon-type moves?
  • If you take the idea that Jessie and James are teenagers seriously, it makes their incompetence a lot less funny—it basically means that they're inexperienced minors who have ended up in a life of crime because they didn't have any other options (Jessie was poor and failed to reach the goals she wanted, James can't go back home because he'll be forced into an abusive marriage if he does).
    • They are in their mid-twenties (~25), that's why Jessie gets so offended about being an old hag. The teenagers thing is a confusion caused by English language semi-official sources.
  • In "Primeape Goes Bananas", Ash accidentally catches a riceball/"donut" in a Pokeball. Funny gag, but it raises a disturbing question: what else can be caught in one? Is it possible to catch a human with a Pokeball?
    • Considering how often people have Poké Balls thrown at them, either accidentally or as just a general hostile gesture (equivalent to throwing a rock at someone), getting smacked and battered by them without the balls ever even opening... probably not.
  • "Hypno's Naptime" has a large group of children being hypnotized into thinking they're Pokémon. What if some were hypnotized into thinking they were Flying-types? Would they have jumped off high vantage points? The city is full of skyscrapers, after all. For that matter, what if the ones who thought they were Water-types decided to swim in the park's pond? Would they have drowned?
  • In "Who Gets to Keep Togepi?", after Team Rocket steals the egg Meowth decides to take care of it, even getting mad at James for suggesting they eat it. It's rather sweet how Meowth treats the egg, such as sleeping with it, singing to it, talking to it, bathing with it... except that eggs are porous. Fertilized eggs rely on those pores to "breathe" and humidity needs to be absent by the time the egg hatches. Too much exposure to water will drown the embryo. Meowth could've accidentally drowned Togepi.
  • In "The Future Is Now, Thanks To Determination!", Team Rocket makes a device that brainwashes Electric-type Pokemon against their own will and causes them to attack whoever the device's controller wills them to. Devices like this clearly can't have any use for good. If a villain or dictator was able to acquire or gain knowledge of these brainwashing devices, they can easily use them to amass a giant army of Electric-type Pokemon and use them to take over the region. Not to mention the Electric-types' powers being used on unruly citizens...
  • Mareanie attacks James. Ha! How funny! However, it loses all hilarity when you remember James was wearing a Corsola helmet, and Mareanie prey on Corsola. The attack may have been less of a funny gesture...and more of a predator trying to feed.
  • At the end of the second appearance of the evil Malamar escape with their doomsday weapon. They are not seen for the rest of the series. They may try again, only this time Ash, friends, and Team Rocket aren't around to stop them.
  • In "Computer Soldier Porygon", the anti-virus can't distinguish humans and viruses, as Meowth points out. Do viruses in the Pokemon world take on a humanoid form? And are they sentient?!
  • Episode SM045: Uhh... where did Kiawe get the meat for his hamburger?
  • The start of the Necrozma Arc has all of the adults in and around Alola suffering from a lack of energy and drive due to Necrozma absorbing energies from the region via a small wormhole. While Kukui in a shirt and Lusamine looking like she just rolled out of bed is funny, and Wicke basically acting like she's on her period around Faba is really funny, it isn't funny when you take into account just how many services and jobs were likely affected by this energy drain. Doctors, construction workers, parental supervisors, lifeguards, power plant workers, ferry operators...Alola would be very lucky if there weren't causalities from the slowed reaction times and motivations. Especially for those who might have been hit by the initial effects of the wave while doing something important, like driving a car or operating on a person's vital organs.
    • It may have been lessened by the possibility that this started at night, thereby reducing traffic, because not too many people drive at night, and I don't think people operate on a person's vital organs at night.
    • They operate on organs when the organs need to be operated on, and organs care not for time of day.
  • Wicke found Stufful under a fallen tree. At first glance, it might look like a bad stroke of luck, until one recalls that the very first thing that a Bewear was seen doing in the anime was knock over a tree on accident...
  • Episode 012 of the Sword and Shield anime reveals that Eternatus is currently free in Galar, which leads to a lot of uncomfortable thoughts as to how it got loose and the consequences; it caused interference with a plane's systems just by flying to check it out, even if it wasn't malicious.
  • From episode Here comes the Squirtle Squad in original Japanese, Meowth says that if Ash doesn't return with the Super Potion for Pikachu, the Squirtle Squad will kill Misty. While they were only joking, it is still disturbing that cute looking Squirtle would kill humans...

    Fridge Logic 
  • Beautifly's favorite roost in the anime is May's head, despite weighing 62.6 pounds according to the game Pokédex.
    • Another similar example is Cilan's Dwebble, which is able to sit on his shoulder comfortably, despite weighing 32 pounds.
    • Munchlax is said to be 231 pounds.
    • For reference, the average combat load of a soldier is around 65 lbs.
  • About Brandon, he has a reputation of being an impossible challenge, with both Paul and his older brother having lost to him, and it's deserved, having managed to befriend three legendaries. However, while he uses the all three of them against Paul and his brother, with them just having a single battle with him, against Ash (even while possessed by the evil king) he never used more than one of them, and he also gave him three different tries... Does this special treatment bother only me?
    • First he didn't have Regice until his last fight with Ash, and I think Registeel was the same way. Only Regirock was shown fighting Reggie. As to Paul, it was a 6 on 6 battle: Ash fought 3 regular Pokemon and a Regice on a 4 on 4 battle. Completely different calls.
  • Paul abandoning Chimchar. It was still daylight when he left the Tag Battle, ahead of Ash. When he actually released Chimchar, it's full dark and Ash & Co are just steps away. And there's a brief reaction shot of his face when Ash adopts Chimchar. Did he wait that long deliberately?
  • Regarding the Black and White anime episode "Beheeyem, Duosion, and the Dream Thief!": how could Leon steal Ash's, Iris's, and Cilan's Pokemon for real within both one and two layers of dreams?
  • In the Pokemon Best Wishes Season 2, Ash and company run into the Sinnoh Champion Cynthia, and then go on to stay at her villa for about five episodes to prepare for the Pokemon World Tournament Junior Cup. Question is, what were they going to do if they had never run into Cynthia, and were stuck doing nothing for three months? Just mooch off some other person or camp in the wild till the time came?
    • They didn't even know about the tournament until they met Cynthia, before that the plan was to go to the Unova League. It'd probably take a good three months to get there from Virbank.
  • In SS004, the Rotom Phones are initially unable to detect Scorbunny because it is covered in dirt. But its form was completely unobscured.
  • The very first episode of the original anime is infamous for its "don't be late" message... but apparently Professor Oak only prepared three starters. And clearly Ash was at least the fourth kid to show up. So even if he'd been on time and had simply wound up fourth in line, it wouldn't have done him any good.


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