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Fridge / Please Don't Tell My Parents I Blew Up the Moon

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Early on, Penny theorizes that Marcia deduced the identities of the Inscrutable Machine, but can't tell anyone because it would make things personal. That means naming her "Bad Penny" wasn't an accident.
  • Penny's mother mentions that jealousy is a common motivation for new villains. Remmy turns into a hero because she's jealous of Penny.
  • One of the complaints about the first book was that Penny never seemed to fail at anything, while for the second people complained that it took the story out of its established setting—but these two issues are actually related. In Supervillain, Penny's mistakes were covered by the superhuman community of LA. They woke up a dragon, but Mech was around the corner and was able to handle it. Claire got grabbed by Jagged Bones, but Bull wandered by and saved her. Penny made a bomb she didn't know how to disarm, so she left it for a hero as a distraction. In Moon, the team kept making mistakes, but there was no community to help. Penny let loose Puppeteers on Callisto, they had to come back and clean it up themselves almost after it got too far. Penny made Remmy jealous without noticing, there was no one to talk her down and explain. Penny failed to notice that Juno was Obviously Evil, and they almost started another alien invasion. Penny just let her superpower make whatever it wanted without consideration, which caused the entire plot of the book.

Fridge Logic

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