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Fridge / Peter and the Magic Egg

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  • Fridge Logic: Tobias Toot/Tobias Tinwhiskers became rich with his tractor, out-competed the other farmers, started buying and mortgaging them out, and even had himself made into a machine. Then when he regains both his inner and outer humanity, he gives back all the farms and gives up ownership of the nearby town, becoming poor and ending up as the Dopplers' farmhand. While this Easter-themed cartoon avoids any overt references to any religious creed or teaching, the message plays out quite well in the context of traditional Christian morality, in the sense that money is the root of evil. This is compounded by the fact that Tobias lives among the "Plain People" of Pennsylvania Dutch country, who particularly frown on luxurious living and in some cases, the use of modern machinery.


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