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Fridge Brilliance

  • Some have complained about Marshall's klutziness, especially considering his role as the firefighter of the group. However, Dalmatians are actually quite energetic - and thus, rather clumsy - in real life, so Marshall's status as The Klutz is justified.
    • There's also the fact that, while it's a very minor difference, Marshall's body has both long legs and large paws which are a recipe for stumbling (heck; "like a puppy whose paws are too big for its body" is frequently cited as a description for kids going through puberty and suddenly finding themselves tripping or knocking into things). The other pups don't have this problem because their paws are more in line with their overall size and shape.
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    • Also, Dalmatians were often used as a mascot for firefighters.
  • Based off the Fridge Horror below, Everest's tummy rumblings very likely aided in her survival, scaring away any potential threats.
  • Chase's Arbitrary Skepticism in "Pups and the Ghost Cabin" is actually justified when one remembers their previous encounter with a ghost in "Pups Save a Ghost". Namely, that the "ghost" haunting the Lookout was really just Marshall sleepwalking while covered by a bed sheet, which would explain why Chase immediately dismisses the possibility of the cabin being haunted.
  • In "Pups Save a Floundering Francois" the Turbots are looking for a legendary white whale, and Francois does a silly "whale call" that surprises Captain Turbot so much he falls over. Moments later the white whale appears, suggesting that the whale call actually worked.
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  • In the first Halloween Episode, Ryder's costume was a knight. According to this website, the name Ryder means "knight". His costume was an unintentional Meaningful Name!
  • Ever wonder why Sid and Arrby haven't been seen since "Pups Save the Pirated Sea Patroller"? Pirates in most stories are nomads, meaning they don't have a permanent home. Most likely they found their ship, left Adventure Bay and went to go steal from another town.

Fridge Horror

  • So we've got Everest, a pup who lives all alone in the frozen tundra with no one to be around but penguins, who can't even talk back, which Everest expresses grievances over. No wonder she bonded with Jake so quickly. It's amazing that she lasted for so long without going mad from the isolation. But what's even worse is that when Jake first meets her, she's wearing a wool hat and a black collar with no tag. This means that she was in human hands at some point, which opens up the whole new can of worms which is the question of what happened to those humans. Either she was separated from them in some sort of accident, or they abandoned her.
    • In addition, Everest admits that she's "kinda hungry all the time." Exactly how easy would it be for a lone pup to find food on the frozen tundra?
    • Going off of that, Everest really likes liver, and seems to have had a large enough supply to make "liver tea" out of the stuff. While it's possible that she could have simply rationed out whatever food she had already (from previous owners or otherwise), there's a good chance Everest might've had to risk her life hunting for food, or even possibly getting nourishment from the penguins. .
  • And, now, every bit of Fridge Horror applied to Everest, can also be applied to Tracker, who was also by himself in the middle of a jungle under similar circumstances (just replace penguins with monkeys). Sure, his hearing is strong enough to avoid trouble, but it's still kinda disturbing (and depressing) to think there may be a trend of pups getting lost or abandoned outside Adventure Bay.
    • His fear of the dark, while justified due to his heightened sense of hearing, just reeks of Adult Fear.
  • The Fridge Horror examples above make a blanket one of dogs in general in this universe. As puppies, they're basically young kids who, if not in the custody of their parents, look to their human caretakers for guidance, protection and love. This means that Everest and Tracker (and any other unfortunate pups in similar situations) were suffering Parental Abandonment until the Patrol found them. Rubble was very lucky he ended up in Adventure Bay when he was on his own; imagine what would have happened to him otherwise.
  • The actions of Mayor Humdinger are horrifying when you realize that except for the fact that they're dogs, the pups are essentially human children. This makes everything he's ever done, some of which actually injured their targets (the basketball game comes to mind), the acts of a racist, done towards kids.
  • Sweetie in general, as she's shockingly ruthless and villainous for a show like this, not to mention she's a pup! Sweetie's actions in her debut episode were far more despicable than anything Humdinger ever did. In a single night, she managed to build up a rap sheet consisting of: 2 thefts of a valuable crown, framing of a police officer, kidnapping of said police officer, assault of a fire fighter, obstruction of justice, usurping of the throne, abuse of power, fleeing from the scene of the crime, and resisting arrest. Not to mention, her little stunt with the hamburgers adds up to a gross waste of food, which she considered "fun". And to top it all off, it doesn't seem like the Princess has in her to ever give Sweetie a proper punishment(Time in jail/the dog pound/wherever criminal pups are sent) any time soon, meaning Sweetie can essentially get away with anything scot-free.
    • Considering how heavy a full suit of armor is, Sweetie might actually be guilty of the attempted murder of a fire fighter.
    • On the subject of murder, how long did Sweetie intend to leave Chase in the dungeon? She must have known that once he got out, he'd expose her right away, meaning she'd have to keep him locked up in order to become queen like she wanted. Did she plan to leave him there to die? Was she going to bring him food and water once a week or something (perhaps her stunt of only taking one bite of all those hamburgers had a purpose other than For the Evulz)?
  • "Pups Save a Wild Ride" introduces bracelet accessories to Pup Pup Boogie that compel one wearer to completely follow and copy the movements of another, basically turning them into a sort of living puppet. While the episode does explore one potential consequence, with Alex using them to copy Daring Danny X and nearly leading themselves off a cliff, there are more dangerous and disturbing ways such things could be (ab)used.
  • In "Mighty Pups", Ryder actively gets disarmed and then kidnapped. While he's able to escape and contact the pups, the fact that the villains of said movie went that far is unsettling, especially since they pulled a Karma Houdini.
  • At the end of "Sea Patrol: Pups Save Their Pirated Sea Patroller", the PAW Patrol defeats Sid Swashbuckle by tricking him into ending up on a tiny sailboat. He and Arrby row off to go find their old boat. However, neither have been seen in an episode since. Considering that their old boat is floating around somewhere far out to sea, they very well could have drowned or starved to death before they found it. Possible as this could be, however, and upcoming Ultimate Rescue episode has left this Jossed. Sid and Arrby will return in it as the main antagonist again.
  • Mr. Nibbles/The Copycat from "Mighty Pups Charged Up: Pups vs. the Copycat" might just be an even more ruthless villain than Sweetie, as he was perfectly willing to pull a meteor from space into Adventure Bay to become stronger than the Mighty Pups, despite explicitly being told by Skye that it would crush the town should he be successful. If the meteor had crushed Adventure Bay, it certainly would have resulted in lots of civilian casualties, possibly including his owner Hailey, which The Copycat would have been perfectly okay with as long as he got the meteor's powers!
    • considering that he intended to steal Hailey's attention away from the Paw Patrol he probably didn't realize that Hailey would have died had he won.
  • A somewhat more comedic one i'm sure, but considering Ella's power is to grow to massive size, if she sneezes, or even worse, the pup food ends up making her a bit of a Gasshole, Adventure Bay can consider itself done for.
  • Rex, the newest pup of the show (as of this post at least) is paralyzed from his waist down, so he has to use a wheeled walker to get around. Rex also lives in the Dino Wilds, a Lost World full of dinosaurs that make this place home. He and the prehistoric creatures get a long most of the time, but it's not hard to imagine that a freak accident from an especially angry saurian was what left him handicapped.
Fridge Logic
  • "Pups Save a Bay": Why was Ryder's Pup-Pad at the bottom of his toolbox?
    • Most likely as a natural consequence of taking tools out and putting them back in. After a few times around, whatever was on top is going to be at least halfway down.
    • But if that's the case, why did he put the Pup-Pad in the toolbox in the first place? You'd think he'd have it out in the open so if he gets a call, he'd have easy access to it.
  • "Pups Party With Bats": the bats attracted by DJ Rubble's music are ruining the dance party, so Ryder tows Rubble away and leads the bats back to their cave. That leaves the dance party with no music, so Chase's drone follows them and broadcasts the music back to the party. It's established that the bats like DJ Rubble's music on CD as much as hearing it live, so wouldn't it have been much easier to just lead the bats back to their cave with a recording?
  • "Pups Save a Bah-Humdinger". The entire plot is centered around Percy the Elf trying to get the Christmas map back to Santa before he heads out delivering presents to everybody. 1. Santa's been doing this hundreds of years, why does he need a map? 2. The map only shows Adventure Bay and Foggy Bottom, why doesn't it show the rest of the world?

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