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Fridge / Overdrawn at the Memory Bank

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Fridge Brilliance:

  • Boy, there's a term you never thought would be applied to this movie! Ahem, anyway. In the movie's teaser, Appolonia narrates that she "nearly lost my mind!" At first we infer that she's speaking in hyperbole, referring to the "wild" day she's going to experience over the course of the story; but at the climax we see that she meant it absolutely literally. Remember the Apocalyptic Log, saying that a technician interfacing with the computer during an energy surge runs the risk of having his/her mind erased? Well, that's exactly what happens in the climax — the computer explicitly states that Computer!Fingal, whose "cube life" has just run out, has created an energy surge but Appolonia interfaces in an attempt to bring him back to his body. She manages to dodge the fate of the tech in the Apocalyptic Log, but in a very real sense she nearly lost her mind.

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