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  • Hitsujikai has to have been caught at some point. Ryouko remembers him as a Villain with Good Publicity, but by the time she's at the Otogi Bank, he's the Student Council President of Onigashima High School, a place that is explicitly for delinquents set up to be rivals for Otogi. If Hitsujikai is there, it means his behavior must have gotten noticed somehow. Drifting into Fridge Horror territory, maybe a few of Ryouko's former classmates found out she was telling the truth the hard way, by becoming Hitsujikai's subsequent victims. His family paid to keep it quiet, and have records expunged, which is why Liszt couldn't find any information, but someone in the know decided to recruit him for Onigashima.
  • Ryoko's style of fighting is overall a well developed example of how a boxer should be fighting for someone of her waif fu build.
    • Starting with the easiest point, where she is significantly shorter than almost all of her opponents allowing her to slip punches easily, but she doesn't exaggerate her slips which then allows for quick, strong counter attacks.
    • Second, she uses the three main types of punches strategically. Using straight punches against opponents she should keep at a distance (most of them) to soften them up, but switching to uppercuts when she needs to move in close against all the Pipe Pain-wielders (this limits the arc of their strike, removing any leverage advantage they previously had. Focusing on the jaw specifically for best chances at a knock-out punch. She also limits her hook punches, which are more likely to throw her off balance.
      • Also why she avoids kicks for the most part, they would give her more power and reach. But at the same time would make it easier for her opponents to knock her back. The few times we see her hit, it is shown that even a good defense has to combat the strength advantage and she is noticeably knocked back each time, With the less balance that would come with her kicks, this would be even worse. So the few kicks that are shown still remain low.
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    • This is extremely important because it highlights her concern for landing on the ground. Possibly one of the most likely, and dangerous thing that can happen to any street fighter. For her there's two main reasons why it would be bad, size and gauntlets. Size means that any ground and pound battles will instantly go against her unless she trained extensively in grappling, which is generally not possible at boxing gyms. The gauntlets compound this because they limit the amount of grip possible, not impossible just extremely hampering in ability.
    • The biggest thing is that she uses gauntlets. That alone is probably more important than anything else. Power Fists giver her wrist support, especially important due to her thin arms meaning she can't have the developed forearms muscles that would naturally help with this. Not mentioning the fact that almost any form of boxing glove can drastically increase the sheer force. Deadliest Warrior calculating 3 times the force with a leather cestus. Assuming she is using molded plastic, that number would go up without much difficulty. Which still doesn't account for the potentially lethal homemade taser (which I'm told are difficult to calibrate safely). And who knows what that Nya Punch does?
      • Even when she doesn't have gauntlets, we are shown why she wears the feminine bows. They give her a ready hand wrap, because knuckles scrapes are annoying and inevitable when punching.
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    • Finally, Ryoshi's contribution. Every fight where Ryoko begins to show difficulty is against numerous or much larger opponents. Ryoshi helps by providing the set up blows that she would normally do herself with more risky close combat attacks. Slingshots are just as scary weapons as shown, and in fact should be breaking skin almost every time he uses those marbles (thankfully he doesn't switch to lethal ammunition, it wouldn't be hard). This allows him to put her opponents off balance, deter them from clustering into tighter formations, and yes even drop weapons with a lucky shot. The only unrealistic part, other than the lack of blood, is how accurate he is. But even that could be argued he's just aiming for the chest and then they are naturally unable to hit dead on, instead hitting the extremities.

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